Greetings to the Father, Son, Spirit, Angels and saints in Christ. The Lord has been teaching me about the spirits that can be found in women in the church – the spirit of Ruth and the spirit of Michal. The contrasts are stark and my mind has been exploding with the enormity of the implications of this information, to which we who are wise would pay heed. I will now hopefully complete with the rest of the information which I received on 4/20/07 at 12.20 a.m:

The LORD told me that while Michal would kill the spirit of the man and stop the flow or try to stop the flow of the anointing in his life, Ruth will take him to a high level of worship.

We need therefore to stop and ask why is God so consumed with the issue of worship. Boaz had found his Eve:

She was a natural, uninhibited worshipper. The next teaching will blow your mind, so be prepared. The Lord also told me that Ruth’s lack of inhibition in worship was a foretaste of things to come. This is because the Lord showed me that a woman who is abandoned to the Lord in worship is a woman who is abandoned in bed (Scandalous! Cover your eyes!).

True worshippers are liberal. A wife who truly worships her husband will give liberally in the sexual encounter. I am telling you what the Lord is teaching me.

Check it out. What is the atmosphere like if you go to a church service or even a religious or “church” event where there is form and ritual (even among so-called Pentecostals) and no worship flowing to the throne of grace? The atmosphere is heavy, tense and bound. There is no freedom/abandon to the Lord, no lightness, joy, comfort, laughter in the spirit and no sense of the presence of the LORD which brings deliverance and light the human spirit.

The following example will help to illustrate the point the Lord is making. While attending University in Jamaica in 1994/95, I attended a church called Fellowship Tabernacle ( There was such a powerful anointing and worship there. One Sunday the roads flooded and I attended a Baptist church nearby. My roommate, a young Methodist, saw the difference when I got back home. She exclaimed and commented on my facial expression and asked if I had gone to “my church”. That taught me the power of the anointing and remaining under an anointed ministry. The same is in marriage and is true of the wife, who is the husband’s church (get the picture?).

Right now I am even receiving new understanding as I write. She is the one who the husband “attends” for fellowship and for receiving the flow of the anointing (in a literal and spiritual sense) for deliverance from sexual tension, stresses of life, comfort, peace as she listens to and supports the issues of his life, deliverance from his enemies as she intercedes etc (let your mind get the corollary). If she worships her husband in spirit and in truth, as Ruth did, he will receive his deliverance as Boaz did.

Combined with Ruth, Boaz broke the generational curse on Pharez and brought the family into a new dimension in the heavenly and earth realm.

Michal did not worship David truthfully. She was like many Christians, going through the motions and pretending, but a crisis revealed her true nature. At least, his public dancing was the end of the secret, mental straw that broke the back of her shame of her husband David. She really could not take it any more and let him have it in front of his subjects.

Who knows whether or not she had been “giving him a peace of her mind” about changing the order of temple worship, getting the people to dance and praise as they entered the temple gates. Too much noise in my head!

And what is it with those musicians and prophets in the temple, eh David? Saul never did it like that! You are the king! Rolling on the temple floor and talking in strange languages? You should respect the dignity of your position!

I believe that David had just about had it “up to here” when he put her out of sight!

Beware, because truth or even deception in a person can only be spiritually discerned. You must have eyes to see and ears to hear. Judas, for example, played the game well until Mary Magdalene’s worship of the Lord seriously aggravated every devil in him (that is how the Lord told it to me). This is the final event that stirred him up to the betrayal leading to the Lord’s crucifixion. Read your word and you will see. If Judas is not in your inner circle, the hatred may not matter, but the betrayal cuts and bleeds the closer you are connected.

That is why, men, you have to be careful who you marry, because this can become a life and death issue. It may not be a physical death, but Michal can so crush you that you can lose focus and die a sort of spiritual death. It would therefore take a resurrection to get you back to the place where the LORD was taking you before wicked Judas tried to cut off your future and the future of the millions of people depending on you to fulfill your purpose. The Lord says that it is a deep secret that Michal’s name was a misnomer and that she tried to kill David and the flow of the anointing in his life. If you get out of the presence of the Lord because of a Michal, you die in a way. The Lord also told me to pray for greater revelation on this issue since it relates to Christ and His church.

God is calling for true men on the earth, but the true man of God needs a supporter, a Ruth who will help him and carry the seed of the anointing. This is a yoke destroying anointing that will build the waste places and fulfill the prophecies in Isa 58 and 61. Ruth had choices, but she rejoiced over Boaz even as the LORD rejoices over us with singing (Zeph 3:17).

She rejoiced over Boaz’s connection to the heavens, to angels, to God. She was amazed that Boaz had singled her out and given her favor (isn’t this the worshipping church saved by grace and washed in His blood?). She was not accustomed to this kind of attention and response from a man, except from her dead husband if he recognized her worth (hopefully).

Just like the church, saved by grace, washed from sins and called to be a holy priesthood, she fell down and bowed at Boaz’s feet, worshipping and obeying his commands. Does she remind you of the worshipping saints and angels in the book of Revelation? Who is like Michal? You could have the name and title and behave the opposite. This is a setup from hell. In return for his favor, Boaz asked Ruth for her “reasonable service”. She was to glean in his field, stay with the maidens and keep away from the young men.

Did he make a list of do’s and don’ts that she could not fulfill? I am yet to find it.

Blessings and may you prosper, all you Boaz’s and Ruths.