Greetings to the Father, Angels and saints in Christ. I received this truth sometime in February and I am trying to remember the points since I did not write them down. However, the Lord is helping me as I obeyed in writing on this particular topic. This blog is addressed to women, although the truths do indeed apply to men, as we will see.

The first point that I wish to draw to your attention is “don’t sell the goods, he will buy it for free then discard it”.

When I say “don’t sell the goods”, I mean don’t sell the goods as in don’t prostitute yourself to gain the love and attention of any man. says that:

“prostitution describes the act of sexual intercourse in exchange for money. However, its definition may be extended loosely to include any sexual act for any type of remuneration; depending on the location where the act occurs”.

I know that the age in which we live prescribes a loose sexual morality in which the philosophy is to do it like the animals. Fortunately, we are not designed with the morality of the animals and men and women who adhere to the tenets of this philosophy are prostituting themselves.

You may say, “I am decent and don’t engage in the sexual act for money”.

How about doing it to gain the love and attention of the man, to gain popularity or for other reasons in which the reward is received not in cash but in kind?

You may not be working your trade on the street corners but the principle applies.

The story of the two Tamars

The story of the two Tamars point to the reaction of men to illicit sexual activity. In the jurisdiction of the kingdom of God, sexual activity is defined as illicit once it is conducted outside of the confines of marriage.

The first Tamar is found in Genesis 38:14-26. She pretended to be a prostitute in order to take revenge on her father in law and become pregnant with his child. When she became pregnant and the truth was told, scriptures say that Judah did not want Tamar any longer. Why was this so? Wasn’t this the perfect opportunity for him to correct his error by marrying her and giving his name to her? Not to him.

We are learning here that he wanted her while she prostituted herself, but really did not care to share a lifelong relationship with her. Was it her secret intention to trap him into marriage by the sexual encounter? We can only infer. Meantime, we certainly know, based on Judah’s comment in Gen 38: 26, that she wanted to prove to him that she was just as desirable at her age.

Tamar and Judah serve to show us a serious deception of society which entraps our people at very early ages. As long as you behave like a prostitute, the man will go to bed with you, but just don’t act “normal”. The thrill is gone, because he does not want a long-term relationship, anyway. He is just in it for the one night stand.

Isn’t it amazing how scriptures can reveal the dilemma of the human situation (including those women and teens who seek approval in the sexual encounter?). You spend your life bleeding and crying over the apparent betrayal of the male species, becoming embittered over the LAW OF ILLICIT SEXUAL ACTIVITY. We need to let people know the truth.

Tamar and Amnon

The second example of the reaction of men to illicit activity is found in the lives of Tamar and Amnon (2 Sam 13). We spoke of them previously and know that Tamar became an innocent victim of rape because of Amnon’s lust. Nevertheless, the sexual encounter was an illicit one.

Amnon shows us the deeper elements of lust, hatred and abandonment which underlie illicit sexual activity. We spoke of this lust and abandonment on Friday March 30th, 2007. Remember that 2 Sam 13: 1 introduced Amnon as the love-sick golden boy who wanted to take something from Tamar.

That something was her virginity as we see in 2 Sam 13: 1b and 2:

“and Amnon the son of David loved her. And Amnon was so vexed, that he fell sick for his sister Tamar; for she was a virgin; and Amnon thought it hard for him to do any thing to her.”

It seems that Amnon had been getting any woman that he wanted (he was the son of the king) but wanted a virgin since he had never had one, maybe. He wanted to explore the virgin’s body, maybe for reasons that I will not mention out of wisdom. Beware, there are men who will take you just to take the innocence out of your eyes! This is a bitter truth that many women learn the hard way.

That man will do anything to get that body of yours. He will wine and dine you, treat you like a queen, kiss and caress, whisper love words and sweet nothings into your ear (mind you, I am not speaking from my own experience), but his passion is underlaid with the spirit of destruction, because he will take what you give to him and give nothing in return.

Tamar was an innocent victim and heartbroken, but willing to repair the damage of the rape by marrying Amnon (now she was his half-sister and God winked at a lot of their ignorance back then, so don’t follow the example). Amnon, however, was not amused at her request because his lust had been sated and he now hated the object of his former desire.

Why did he hate her? Do you know the answer. Well, John 10:10 gave the truth. Once a thief enters a property and gets his desire, anyone who recognizes him will be annihilated. Why did he rape her in spite of her pleas? He was just a greedy, lecherous young man who wanted to take without thinking of the consequences. That is why so many are infected with fatal sexually transmitted infections. Beware of the injury that a man has in his power to do to women!

A rape is a brutal and forced entry of the body. Once the invasion is made, even by consent, the man does not want you to identify him anymore, so he will put you out of his life and lock the doors behind you, treating you like a dog, just like Amnon did to Tamar. Even though the abandonment is not immediate, it will come.

Judah and Tamar show this. Because of the spirit of blindness (Job 29:15, Ps 146: 8, Isa 29:18) you do not realize that this is a spiritual problem engineered by the master of deception. Yes, there is a spirit of blindness according to 2 Cor 4: 3 and 4 which teach us that:

“if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost, in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

May God help the nations and bring us to the full knowledge of the truth. Blessings and more to come!