Greetings to the Father, Angels and saints in Christ. I want to share another principle on the issue and this one is “LET HIM PURSUE YOU AND TREAT YOU LIKE A QUEEN”. When you read the Songs of Solomon, you discover that Solomon was perceived as a romantic lover by his wife:

In chapter 1, for example, the picture is one in which the king takes charge, kissing his wife, inviting her to his chambers (most private place).

In chapter 2, he wines and dines her then takes her off to a private vacation for two.

Although some of the book is rather sad, this is the picture of a woman who is “taken into custody” by the king. I prefer, however, the example of Sarah, Abimelech and Pharoah because they are clearer to visualize. I am not saying that I approve Abraham’s actions in giving his wife away to these men and neither did God. To make it worse, these heathen men did not know that Sarah was married and were both plagued by God as a result of their desire for her, but the principle is what I want you to see. We learn about Abimilech and Sarah in Genesis 20. He saw and loved Sarah and basically took her from Abraham, thinking she was his sister. The issue is, he was a rich, wealthy man and she did not lift a finger or do any of the tricks and schemes that women do to attract men of wealth. You can read about it in Gen 20. Although Abimilech had to let her go, he sent her away with much riches, a tribute to the high esteem and respect in which she was held. If she had not been married to Abraham, she would have enjoyed a life of lavish opulence in his home (well, she had one with Abraham too).

Look at Pharaoh’s actions in Genesis 12. He valued Sarah so much that he gave Abraham “sheep, and oxen, and he asses, and menservants, and maidservants, and she asses, and camels”. In today’s language, both Pharaoh and Abimilech would have made Sarah a multimillionaire. It was actually because of her that Abraham increased in wealth. This is one example in which the wealth of the wicked was laid up for the righteous. Remember that God did not condone Abraham’s actions, because He plagued first Pharaoh then Abimelech for Sarah’s sake. Did Abraham use her a second time as a means of increasing in wealth. How devious can a man become? When a man does crazy things, he had better be careful. How come? Well, Isaac repeated the same thing with Abimelech! When you find other examples in the Bible, let me know and we can talk about them. Blessings!