Greetings to the Father, Angels and saints in Christ. I am pressed to finish this post on Adam and Eve. It is rather amusing in a sad sort of way that Adam in his regret called Eve woman when explaining to God about the temptation. Well at least he did not beat her up to the best of my knowledge. Gone were the loving exclamations that she was ‘wife”. Well, we could forgive Adam, because although he was mad with his spouse and himself, he continued in the relationship, going on to bear  three children. There was no lovey dovey stuff here. She was ironically the mother of human rebellion by her submission to the devil.

On the issue of undying love, however, God is saying through Adam and Eve that not even your spouse, with whom you are madly in love, should separate you from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. Your spouse should enhance your purpose and not deter you from it. Even greater still, there is the issue of forgiveness. God is the one who brought up the issue of Adam and Eve’s rebellion in later books of the Bible. How can we forget? How can God forget? Do the angels forget? Are Adam and Eve remembering to today. We might as well forgive our spouses and move on to other issues as married people unless the issues are so serious that they are intractable.

By the time Adam and Eve had gotten over their shame (remember God covered them and kept them alive in mercy instead of killing them), they had made up. By Gen 4: 1, Adam “knew his wife”. See the process of undying love? Forgiven! Adam and Eve were relatively young when they had Cain, Abel and Seth. He was 130 years old when they had Seth. That time span tells us that they did not spend their lives in anger and unforgiveness towards each other.

Actually Adam and Eve had sons and daughters, not just 3 children as I previously mentioned. That’s in Gen 5: 4. Adam and Eve remained sexually active up to the point of his death. How do I know that? First, he had Seth at 130 years of age, then he begat sons and daughters for 800 years after Seth’s birth. That is a total of 930 years at which point he died. I am making the inference that Adam and Eve must have lived for the same period of time by the usage of the family name in  Gen 5:2. Genesis 5 is really the beginning of the family tree of Adam and Eve, therefore where Adam is there shall Eve be also. I hope that I am being clear in my explanation.

Just to capture your attention again, look at the progression in Genesis 5, which is introduced as the book of the generations of Adam. Gen 5: 1 says that God created man. Genesis 5: 2 says that ‘man” is a composite of ‘male and female”. Genesis 5: 2 also reminds us that the married male and female carry one family name – unity of purpose. This is not just for identification purposes, for when a woman marries a man, she is marrying into his destiny and purpose (just as Eve was marrying into Adam’s destiny and purpose).

Women, if he is a rock musician and you cannot stand rock music, there may be a missing link in the marriage unless you can take on as your own some element of what he considers to be his dream. This is just an extreme example, but the possibilities of examples are endless.

You will meet your spouse at some point in his or her destiny. In the law of undying love, you have to fit into each other. Gen 5: 2 says that God called Adam and Eve “Adam, in the day when they were created”. When was Eve created? Is that important? When did you meet your mate? You become one at whatever point of time in the life line that the marriage was created .The issue is how do we work out our oneness with fear and trembling, because I am sure that union of a man and wife, while positional, has to be experienced in reality. This is another mystery concerning Christ and His church.

Blessings (don’t go mad trying to figure it out). God will give us greater understanding of this mystery of the faith.