Greetings to the Father, Angels and saints in Christ. I hope that you all are being blessed by these writings. God is a good God, so please continue to trust Him. Today I would like to point our attention to Joseph and Mary, the earthly parents of the Lord. Joseph’s love for his fiancée was revealed in a tough time when he chose to obey God rather than man when he found out by the angel that she was pregnant by the power of the Holy Ghost. The account in Mat 1: 18 – 25 implies that Mary told Joseph the news after she first heard it from the angel. Maybe Joseph questioned her story in his mind, because the scripture said that he was going to “put her away” privately rather than calling the neighbourhood to hear about her state.  Mary may have been stoned  if Joseph had done what he had purposed in his heart.

His love was therefore one of mercy, faithfulness and kindness. Mt 1: 20 says that the angel of the Lord appeared to him “while he thought on these things”. It must have been a time of hard and bitter questioning for him as he wondered about Mary’s amazing story and questioned its veracity. He acted in faith, marrying Mary after the angel revealed her destiny to him. He knew that he had received an important mission on earth, to be the caretaker of the Son of God, with all of the pros and cons.

I can only ask if you would be prepared to remain with a mate whose mission on earth may bring him or her into potential public attention and/or opposition. Do you have the guts for it? Do you have the grace to stand by them in time of need and opposition? Are you a people pleaser or a God pleaser? Do you have the power to endure with your mate in times of affliction, after he or she has done what the Lord said?

Joseph was a man’s man. He had to be a man of strength to be able to take on this task under such controversial situations. He had to have the strength of character to raise the Lord Jesus (remember that Jesus would have been an unusual child, talking to angels all day, hearing from his Father, prophesying to the family, working miracles etc). In fact, scripture says that Joseph was a righteous man, of the caliber of Job, Enoch, Abraham and others in scripture.

Think about Joseph in a new light. He was highly favored in the heavens and a man beloved by God. Halelujah. As you read, I hope that your spirit will be challenged and rise to the task of your marriage with a new revelation of its purpose. Blessings!