Greetings to the Father, Son, Spirit, angels and saints in Christ. I received this word on 29th April while speaking to myself about my finances. I wanted to post it immediately, but was instructed to write the blog that I just completed yesterday. The commencement of this writing is timely in keeping with the new series at Love Fellowship Tabernacle on “Jesus only”, which focuses on the events I will begin with. I was speaking to myself on ways in which I needed to improve my financial state and saving money when the Lord showed me something about the little boy with the five loaves of bread and two fishes. By the way, one of the ways the Lord instructs me is when I speak out loud. Sometimes the instruction is progressive and I usually will document the dates and time that I received the instructions. I was thinking aloud, however, about the common practice in which so much money is spent buying food at places like McDonald’s when people have the resources to bring even a sandwich or a more healthy food item for lunch. I said to myself that eating out should really be reserved for the times when it is just impossible to prepare a meal. Think of it. You buy a $10.00 meal at the fast food places. If one has a family, the bill could easily amount to nearly $100.00. Think also of the health consequences of regularly eating these kinds of foods which are high in sodium and other preservatives. The Lord then drew to my attention the wisdom of the mother of the little boy who sent her son to hear Jesus, but sent him with a meal of 5 barley loaves and 2 small fishes (Jn 6: 5). Now this little boy became a lender not a borrower and received over and above what he had given to the Lord since he got 12 baskets over. These 12 baskets would have fed goodness knows how many people. How big was a basket. A basket must have been rather large in order to adequately feed 5000 men plus women and children. It is possible that the crowd following the Lord could have been nearly 10, 000 in total. IF every man had his wife and family there, think of the size. The references to this miracle are found in Mt 14: 14-24, Mk 6: 38 – 44, Lk 9: 10 – 17 and Jn 6: 5 – 13.

The Lord also drew the LAW OF MULTIPLICATION to my attention. Each scripture agreed on the crowd size and the number of baskets left over. John the beloved was the only disciple who cared to mention that the miracle began because of a little boy. He and the Lord must have laughed about that later because Jesus loved little children. Little boys are not apt to share food, especially when it has to be shared with so many people. See the humor? He must have been somewhere close to the fron to of the crowd, eyes bulging at the miracle. I will borrow from my Pastor’s sermons, to show that he became a believer and not a follower when he gave up his lunch, possibly overhearing the discussion about the feeding of the crowd. Interestingly, John’s account says that the Lord teased the disciples by asking Phillip where they would find bread to feed this massive crowd. Phillip was all agog, telling the Lord that the money they had was inadequate to give each of them even a little bite (Jn 6: 5). Andrew brought the little boy’s lunch to the forefront, but he did not believe that the same Lord who had just worked these miracles could multiply this food. That was gleaned from LFT’s series on becoming believers and not followers.

The point in reference to the topic is that the little boy went home rich. Did he become a multimillionnaire of his day? Certainly, to be fair, the fragments must have been returned to him. since he and his family would have been unable to eat it all, he must have opened a bakery. There were 5000 people present that day. His faith in the Lord as Jehovah Jireh would have increased and he must have believed and followed the Lord all of his life. Stop buying food and bring your own lunch. You never know what the Lord can do with the resources in your hand. Can you produce a design? Do you have avenues for product licensing and distribution? Can you access government grants? This is how people like Donald Trump got his start. Do you have help to access government grants? There are people willing to share the information for a small fee. Can the church find the route to getting government grants for programs that will help its members? Are we struggling unnecessarily when some little, unnoticed individual has the answer to our prayers in their hands. It may not look like much, just 5 small loaves and 2 fishes, but what can God do with those apparently insignificant offerings when they are taken, blessed, broken then given to the disciples for distribution? There are some key strategies here for leaders.

As I read the accounts this morning, the Lord also showed me that he organized the people into companies or groups of 50 – 100 prior to distribution of the food. He did not want a stampede. Hungry people can become crazy. Do we have an organized plan? Are the people organized? Have we prayed for the miracle of multiplication? Let me give an example. If you have a small amount of food, let’s say pasta, how can you multiply it if you want to feed a large crowd? You can add items like corn kernels, sweet peas, cubed carrots etc. This is one practical example. Let’s never say never. Jesus looked up to heaven, brake the bread, blessed it then gave it to the disciples. It then miraculously multiplied in his hands as he broke it. Last night as I prayed on this issue at church, I saw the miracle of multiplication in the hands of the leaders. I saw a hand outstretched with the palm up and something like a funnel of light going out of the hand. I am waiting to see what God will do. I myself have experienced mulitplication while working as a Tutor at the SVG School of Nursing. On one occasion I was Coordinator of Continuing Education and directing a training program under the auspicies of a Regional/International Organization. The resources allocated to the program were limited, but the Lord showed me an alternate plan for spending the money. They had wanted to give an honorarium to each of the participants, but this was still inadequate. The Lord instructed me to cater the lunch and refund participants for their transportation, which I calculated based on their place of origin. I had money left over! This was not the first time this had occured on the job. Money miraculously left over is an indication taht the Lord has multiplied the resources or stretched it in some miraculous means.

My time is almost up, but there is a lot more to share. I have something to say about the money in the fish’s mouth, the money bag for the poor, investing even if you have one talent, the widow with the bottles of oil, the widow who banged the barrel, figs on the fig tree, recycling (Israel wore one pair of shoes in the wilderness – in the wilderness and cooperatives in the early church. Remember that I am sharing what I am implementing in my own life. Blessings!