Greetings to the Father, Son, Spirit, angels and saints in Christ. I was meditating aloud on 20th April when the Lord started talking with me on this issue. The concern that the Lord has is related to the loss of children from His kingdom although they were brought up “in the church”. There is a distinct difference between chrurch involvement and knowing the Lord by revelation as I learnt from Samuel this morning. Samuel was given back to the Lord in keeping with a vow made by his mother Hannah. She took him to the temple to live at a very early age and in 1 Sam 2: 18 and 3: 1, we learnt that “Samuel ministered before the LORD, being a child, girded with a linen ephod”. He was being trained in the ministry of the priest although he was from the tribe of Ephraim. This reversal of order is something to examine when God becomes fed up with the people in office. In 1 Sam 2: 26, we learn that “the child Samuel grew on, and was in favour both with the LORD, and also with men.” 1 Sam 3: 7 tells us that “Samuel did not yet know the LORD, neither was the word of the LORD yet revealed unto him.” Now this was rather funny and was inserted because the Lord had called Samuel twice. After hearing the voice, he ran to the priest to ask if Eli had called to him. After the third call, Eli perceived that the Lord had called Samuel and instructed him to answer with the words, “Speak, LORD; for thy servant heareth.” (1 Sam 3: 9). Now, we want our children who come to worship in our places of worship to get to the place where they actually hear the voice of the Lord and know the Lord by revelation. Am I crazy? No, scriptures are replete with examples. What is the vision of your house for the children and teens? If it is just to have them involved in activities, then they will become like Eli’s children who knew the temple rules and routines, but who do not know God.


The child needs to fear God just as Jacob’s sons feared Him and were able to discern between good and evil. The child who has a relationship with the Lord will live to please Him and is unlikely to do drugs, get involved in teenage sex, run the streets and become rebellious. That is why we need to take them to a new and deep dimension of spiritual experience which can be provided in the house of the Lord and in the instances where this is available, by the parent or parents.


Let’s look at Abraham. God said of him in Genesis 18: 19, “For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.” Command in the hebrew means just to “to give charge to, give command to”. (strong’s in blueletter Abraham had his family under a kind of willing obedience as we see in Gen 18 in Sarah’s and the servants willing obedience to his instructions. Remember how sarah was held up by the apostle Peter as an example of an obedient wife? When you read scriptures, Abraham was always obeyed down to the finest detail. Remember how he instructed his servant to find a son for his wife? This command (not abuse) ofa family is a lesson for husbands, fathers, pastors etc. Help wives and children to obey. Now the Lord showed me that we have to instill this command into children before they reach to the teenage years of rebellion. I am not an expert in discipline, but there are people like James Dobson who tell us how to raise the strongwilled child (I was one).


The responsibility for infusing of the things of God into the family was designated to the father Abraham and not to Sarah the wife. There are several prerequisites for the male to fulfill in order to command his household. First of all, he must know God, as God said of Abraham. Abraham was the prophet to his household and since his word was always fulfilled by God, no one wanted to be on the side of rebellion. Abraham walked and talked with God, and must have had an enormous amount of aura, you know that feeling that you get around a powerful man or woman? He possessed what I would call “bodliy presence” which he earned, not by virtue of physical size, wealth, or charisma, but by the anointing of God on his life. Furthermore, anyone who walks and talks with God will possess a tremendous degree of influence and power in the earth realm and favor with God and man. Secondly, Abraham rushed to accommodate God and make Him welcome. This attitude opened the way for further revelation. Look at his hospitality to the Lord in gen 18. He knew the Lord had come down to visit. I just realized this today. His actions and words revealed his eagerness to please God. He was extremely hospitable in comparison to today’s standards. That is why scripture says that anyone receiving a prophet in His name receives a prophet’s reward. Abraham bowed to the ground and addressed the Lord as “my Lord” (Gen 18: 3). Since he lived among the heathen, it is hardly likely that he would have greeted a heathen king by bowing and calling him my Lord. His actions are those of the worshipper and we know from the example of his servant in Gen 24 that bowing to the Lord was an expression of worship in the family. He then implored the Lord to stay and fellowship with him (gen 18: 3). He also made an invitation for the Lord in Gen 18: 3-5 to share a meal and to refresh himself (was the Lord hungry or tired?). He knew implicitly that the Lord had come to visit him by the words, “for therefore are ye come to your servant” (gen 18: 5). abraham did not want to miss God’s blessing that day.


Look at Sarah’s and the servant’s ready obdedience to Abraham’s request to prepare a meal of corn bread and roasted calf. Abraham prepared a sumptious meal by the standards of the day – milk, butter, cakes of corn and beef. Furthermore, the Lord’s feet were washed and He also rested under a tree (Gen 18: 4). God’s knowledge of Abraham’s command was confirmed that day by his actions and the response of his household to his commands or requests. This action and reaction prepared the way for further revelation about the destiny of two cities. No man without a relationship with God will possess the ability to command his household. Your children must first see this example, not so much the command, but the relationship, the worship, the welcoming of the presence of the Lord, then finally the revelation which you receive from the Lord. I will end here and continue next time. Blessings!