Greetings to the Father, Son, Spirit, angels and saints in Christ. Today I would like to examine briefly the lives of some children in the bible in order to glean some important strategies for infusing the kingdom into our children. I will begin first by talking about SHOWING THEM SIGNS AND WONDERS. We need to demonstrate the power and authority of God so that they can become believers and walk in power too. I spoke previously about the lad with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes who saw his food multiply more than 100 times over and who certainly must have taken the 12 baskets back home. If we begin in Genesis, how do we think that Noah’s sons must have responded when the flood did come after their father Noah spent years preaching and building the ark. Were they the typical “PKs?” Did they have to face the social pressure of having a “weird” man as a father? Certainly, no one was laughing and mocking as the floods filled the earth.


The question is, can your child compensate for being born into the home of a believer by telling his or her friends about the miracles that should be a norm in his or her life? This is reverse peer pressure an makes your child a preacher of the gospel, an evangelist. How about Isaac? He knew how to do church, because he recognized that his father was going to worship God when he took wood, fire and a lamb (Gen 22). Strangely, this time, however, there was no lamb, so he asks Dad, “where is the lamb for the sacrifice?” Dad gave a prophetic word, but the child must have been alarmed when his father replied that god would provide a lamb for the sacrifice. Did he struggle when he realized that he was the lamb? How do you think he responded when he heard the angels of the Lord speaking to his father out of heaven? How did he respond when he looked and saw the lamb in the bush? What would have happened to his faith? We learnt that he was a man of prayer, because he was praying when he met his wife and I also believe that this discipline was learnt from his father Abraham (Gen 24: 63).

In the old testament, we have the son of the widow of Zarepath who must have become a believer when the barrel kept miraculously producing cornmeal for the entire famine. Before the prophet came, his mother was just about to cook the last bit then roll over and die with him (1 Kings 17). In 2 kings 4: 1- 7, the widow of a prophet was in despair because she was in debt and her sons were about to be sold as slaves to compensate for the money she owed. She obeyed the prophet’s instructions to take the one pot of oil in her house, borrow containers from her neighbours, fill the containers and sell the oil. Guess what happened? She paid her debt and had excess left for a comfortable life. How about resurrected son of the Shunnamite woman? He died and was resurrected by Prophet Elisha! Wow! Did he become a believer? He must have (2 Kings 4: 8-37). These children all had a commonality. Their parents supported the prophetic ministry and prospered because they believed the word of the prophet. In my own ministry, I have prophesied to families over the years and have seen God move families from abject poverty to becoming home owners and landlords because of the prophetic word. Children have been given prophetic instructions about friends at school, have been imparted with the wisdom to handle difficult subjects, to name a few. Children have been delivered from poverty and taken into jobs with good income even when their parents did not have the resources to help them. I have seen God heal children instantly after the laying on of hands. In the case of my own nieces and nephews, I know that God causes them to thrive even when I am babysitting. Strange but true. My god-daughter would come to me for prayer at difficult times and receive answers, especially when at the time she was seeking a job. She is now married and a mother of one. I thank God for the blessing of building faith in a child by the demonstration of the power of God in the family.

Jesus Himself was not slack in ministering to children. Jarius’ daughter was resurrected from the dead. She was twelve years old and lay dying as her father struggled through the crowd to Jesus. Her miracle was interrupted by the woman with the issue of blood. Was she a priority or what? Think of the impact on her life when she heard that she had died and come back to life (Lk 8: 41 -56). Jesus had done something for her that doctors could not have done. What about the young man from Nain? Heard about him? He is in Lk 7: 11-15. His resurrection caused great fear to come on all the people. Did he become a preacher? He must have! The nobleman’s son who lay sick with a fever was healed the moment that Jesus spoke the word (JN 4: 46-54). Jarius and the nobleman interceded on behalf of their children and this is a message to fathers today. Jesus knew in advance that the child in Nain needed to live and he passed through that city to resurrect him. What a wonderful Jesus! Jesus knows the impact of the power of God on children, because He told the disciples that “except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” A child will believe anything since he or she is impressionable. They are always asking questions, wearing us out. Jesus said that children are humble. They do not learn to become Impressionists until they learn it from adults. They pray in faith and believe in angels. This is why the power of God must be demonstrated to them so they can become awed and agog with His majesty. The greatest spiritual impact on my life took place when I was a child. I would hear my mother singing and shouting praises in the house, yelling with Bro Shambach, telling us about God’s greatness to her. Most of all, she demonstrated faithfulness to God at a time when our family was hit by the enemy. I will tell you that her faithfulness caused something to click inside me. I know because I felt that click actually happen inside my body. I was eleven years old. When will our children get the “Click”? Well, God has already set the pace in the word by presenting them with truth of God’s power in a real tangible way and by blessing them prophetically. I hope that this will bless you tremendously as you read and may you and your children possess the earth. Next time, I will talk about CONFIRMING TO THE CHILD HIS/HER DESTINY. Blessings!