Greetings to the Father, Son, Spirit, angels and saints in Christ. My brethren, I hope that I have not worn you out with my writing, but I am pressed to complete that which I received from the Lord. A review of human development will instruct us that a child can recognize and identify symbols even before the ability to read is developed and can therefore name common objects in picture books or magazines by 48 months of age. I used to have great amusement with my nephew Don – Austyn, who had a phenomenal memory for stories that were read to him early in life. Once or twice I tried to edit familiar stories, but he would object strongly, telling me the words I needed to say, his navigation of the story being based on the pictures in the book. I will share a few examples in scripture that show how God used symbols as a means of teaching His truths and try to help us to apply them. Teachers would help me here. One of the most direct examples is found in Josh 4: 1-9, in which Joshua was instructed to have 12 stones taken out of Jordan and left in a lodging place in order to provide an object lesson for the generations to come. The intent was the parents would have a lesson ready whenever the children would ask questions about the stones, – “when your children ask their fathers in time to come, saying, What mean ye by these stones? Then ye shall answer them…” (Josh 4: 6,7). Isaac knew the symbolism of the wood and fire, but where was the lamb? Something, the symbol of the blood, was missing from his father’s package (Gen 22). David had a slingshot which he used to kill maybe birds (?), then a giant. He had learnt a lesson about its symbolism as a weapon of destruction and was able to transfer that information to an entirely new situation. Jesus Himself used the symbols of the bread and wine to represent His blood and body.


The child needs to learn the truth of God in ways that are simple and easy to understand. For example, if you do the communion in your home on a regular basis (which I recommend), a very young child could be told something to the effect that we are celebrating Jesus’ death. When He died, He was placed on a cross (Tree?). The people beat Him and He bled. I was explaining this to a 4 year old child recently who verbally expressed her shock. As the child advances in age, new information should be added to help the child to understand the meaning and application of the
body and blood of the Lord. This is only one example. Once again, a search of the scriptures will produce more results which I hope will help you. Basically, we could put the symbol in a visible place in the home or in the child’s room as a daily reminder of the Lord. Blessings and see you soon. Enjoy the weekend.