Greetings to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, angels and saints in Christ. I may appear to be diverging from the topic, but it will serve to highlight the gravity of the role of elders. The Lord showed me this morning that an elder is really someone who has grown up fully into Him. An elder is therefore someone who resembles the Lord in character and power. What an image to live up to! Does the modern church have that as the basis of its definition of “elder” or is the elder someone who has been in the church for a certain number of years? I consider this topic to be important, because our Christian walk is really one in which the kingdom of God is opposed by the kingdom of darkness. We therefore need to know the strategies of warfare and how to overcome in the battle. The elders are the ones responsible for watching for the souls of the flock and for defending them from grievous wolves, as Paul taught in Acts 20. The church of Jesus Christ will suffer if the elders fail to carry out the defense roles of defense. Is this the reason why there some nations are still under serious siege in spite of the presence of churches on almost every corner?


Yesterday, I began talking about the revelation that demonic strongholds can oppose each other in a show of supremacy. This is not a smart thing to do, but the Lord showed this to me on Monday evening, with supporting evidence from the scriptures. I found one of the first of these examples in Daniel 10: 12- 20. The angel of the Lord had come to answer Daniel’s intercession, but had been withstood by the demonic stronghold over the area, the prince of Persia (modern day Iran). I believe that the prince of Persia was the controlling force that held dominion in the area during the reign of Cyrus the King of Persia. We need to understand as well that there are levels of authority in the spirit realm. This dominion was so powerful that the mighty angel of the Lord was unable to overcome him in warfare. He fought for twenty one days, during which time the answer was withheld from Daniel. Michael, one of the chief princes, who dwells in the very presence of the Lord, came to help him to overcome. Scriptures show us Michael’s violent opposition to the forces of hell. He and his angels cast the devil out of heaven. This is the power of this wonderful angel of the Lord. He really hates the devil. As it is in heaven, so it is on earth, because there are believers who have not yet attained in experience, the kind of power that will enable them to deal with certain dimensions of spiritual opposition. They therefore need the covering of a servant of God with spiritual power that is equivalent to or grater than that of the angel Michael. This is why it is so important for people to remain under spiritual covering and not to feel that they have arrived, because there is always more glory to attain to. Hallelujah.


In Daniel 7, Prophet Daniel saw a vision in which four beasts came up from the sea. In Dan 7: 5, the bear was given the power to eat up flesh. David talked about how his enemies came on him to eat up his flesh, but stumbled and fell (Ps 27: 2). Sometimes the aggression from the pits is so strong that it feels as if you are being murdered or even flayed alive. The fourth beast, the antichrist, did not fear the murderous stronghold (the bear) or the leopard which had been given dominion. He was dreadful and terrible and DEVOURED, BROKE IN PIECES and STAMPED DOWN the others in order to gain power. However, Jesus the Ancient of Days cast down his throne, as we read in the book of Revelation. Daniel already prophesied that the saints of the Most High shall take the kingdom (Dan 7: 18, 27). Yet we do not have to wait until the very end of times to do so. Jesus taught us in Lk 10: 18, 19 that “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Behold, I give unto you power to TREAD on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you”. Satan’s throne has already been cast down, yet the earth is still ruled in places by the prince of the power of the air. We can cast down the enemy’s throne in our families, countries etc and tread on the power of the enemy by behaving just like Jesus, Paul and the disciples. They preached the gospel of the kingdom to expose the truth, cast out devils and exercised spiritual authority and power in the healing of the sick, raising the dead etc. This is why a gospel depleted of the manifestation of spiritual power makes no impact on the society, much less the kingdom of darkness. have we seen demons crying out in fear at our approach, sickness fleeing at our word? This is the dimension of power in which the elders must operate or function.


Daniel saw another vision in which a ram with two high horns prevailed against other beasts and became great by PUSHING. A push is a movement designed to overthrow. David reported in Ps 44: 5 that “through thee will we PUSH down our enemies: through thy name will we TREAD them under that rise up against us”. David is the anointed servant of the Lord speaking of his aggression in warfare to the point that the Lord said that he was a bloody man. This should be the stance of the believer in spiritual warfare. We cannot oppose a stronghold using a lesser force. We have to reciprocate in kind with even greater aggression until the deliverance comes. I believe that Paul and Silas had been in prayer and praise all day and that midnight was the point when they escalated in use of these spiritual weapons, firing off rounds that hit key enemy targets. The kingdom of hell cannot bear such a prolonged onslaught against its territory and will shake. Our onslaught must be ferocious as in the example in Dan 8: 5-9 at how the male goat deposed the ram. This king represented the power of a demonic stronghold that was greater than that of the ram. The goat RAN INTO the ram with THE FURY OF POWER, CAST HIM DOWN INTO THE GROUND AND STAMPED UPON HIM. Demons do not like each other and that is why believers in the Lord are characterized by the opposing spirit of love one for another. The Holy Spirit told me that the behavior of the goat to the ram is the basis on which the Iraq invaded Iran in the 1990s. One demonic power (same religious ideology) was trying to cast down a lesser power. I know that Daniel’s visions represent real prophetic events, yet they also explain the behavior of demonic strongholds and the way in which spiritual warfare should be fought.

David gave us the corresponding reaction to spiritual onslaught of the goat in Ps 18. In Ps 18: 29, he said that God gave him the strength to “run through a troop”. In spiritual warfare, this would be a troop of demons. I have seen them in visions, camping against the people of God, waiting to devour. You have to run through with the sword of the spirit in order to scatter them and run them off. Angels help too. They gave Jehoshaphat some wonderful assistance, killing the troop even before he arrived with his army. David did not only run through, but reported that he “pursued mine enemies, and overtaken (overtook) them”. (Ps 18: 37). They would fall under his feet (Ps 18: 38) then he would “beat them small as the dust before the the wind…cast them out as the dirt in the streets”. (Ps 18: 42). Eventually, he became known as such a bloody warrior that he became the “head of the heathen” (Ps 18: 43), ruler of foreign kingdoms (Ps 18: 43). They would obey and submit to him as soon as they hear of him (Ps 18: 44) and “the strangers shall fade away, and be afraid out of their close places” (Psa 18:45). The reactions of David’s enemies to him parallels the reaction of the demons to the Lord and to Paul. How do they react to us? Are they in fear when they hear of Prophet so and so, Evangelist so and so, or do they roll over and relax? We should get to the place where our very presence has the power to change the atmosphere. I am speaking my own personal prayer. In the event that you doubt my explanations of Psalm 18, I am only sharing a truth that the Lord showed me some years ago. Furthermore, when you examine the supernatural feats of David’s warriors, you will realize that their prowess in warfare was derived from the anointing on their lives. One example is found in 2 Sam 23: 20/1 Chron 11: 22.


I must warn you that there are times in spiritual warfare when you actually have to run into, stamp down, use your hands to pull down and push down demonic forces. You look like a crazy person, but if the Holy Spirit leads, then follow. When I come back, I will speak more about the prince of Persia and Grecia (Dan 8: 20,21; 10: 20). Blessings until!