Greetings to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, angels and saints in Christ. Now what is the relevance of this topic to the elders in the church? First of all, the elders must lead the war of terror, just as Daniel did. Where would Israel be today if Elder Daniel had not interceded for the nation? Secondly, while there is a war against terror in the heavenlies, this warfare is manifested in the earth realm. This rather controversial issue has implications for the war that the United States, Britain and other vulnerable nations that are fighting against terror.

I want to show us that the war will not be won by military force, but by the intercession of the saints. The Lord needs an elder in these nations to lead the way in the war against terror. While Daniel’s vision may seem far fetched and distant to us, I also want to show us their significance today in light of the geographic regions that he was dealing with.


According to, ancient Babylon or Chaldea was a city of Mesopotamia. Its ruins can be found today in an area south of BAGHDAD, IRAQ. Babylon itself means “gateway of the gods” ( and the national worship of false gods was revealed in the book of Daniel. That is why God had to confound their sorcerers and astrologers and magnify His name by causing Daniel to hold the interpretation of the dreams of the various kings. Mesopotamia itself refers to modern day Iraq, parts of eastern Syria, and Southwest Iran ( This is roughly the area that Nebuchadnezzar and his son Belshazzar may have ruled and therefore the area to which the Jews were taken into captivity.

Abraham the father of the Jewish nation was originally from Babylon and specifically Ur of the Chaldees. says that Ur was a city in southern Babylonia and the centre of moon worship. God also called him a Syrian, so he dwelt originally in that area of Mesopotomia (Deut 26: 5). The Medes and Persians were basically the Iranians of the geographic region. Ancient Mede was formed by an ancient Iranian people “who lived in the north, western, and northwestern portions of present-day Iran, and roughly the areas of present day Kurdistan, Hamedan, Tehran, Azarbaijan, north of Esfahan and Zanjan” ( Persia is now known as IRAN.


God had called Abraham out of Syria his homeland, then a part of Babylon, in order to make of him a nation. He took him to Canaan, west of Jordan ( in order to raise up a people who would worship Him in the earth. However, when Abraham’s descendants rebelled against God and began serving other gods, God took them back into captivity to the place of origin. They therefore came under the dominion of the demonic princes of terror which ruled in the geographic region.

Last year I saw the spirit of terror in a vision. The spirit was flying in the air (it rules in the air) and had wings like an angel. However, the spirit wore a black bandanna on the head and over the nose and mouth. The spirit therefore resembles your average terrorist. This is the spirit ruling in the Middle East and in other places where Islam is the religious belief.

The other truth that we must understand is that the demonic princes over the geographic region of Daniel’s time have become more violent over the centuries in order to destroy the Jews and believers from the face of the earth, therefore ending the worship of the True and Living God.

The strongholds have also amassed greater numbers in their forces in order to resist God’s purpose in the earth where ever His name is worshipped. This is the reason for the hatred of America and other nations where God is largely worshipped.


America can win the war on terror but only with the intercession of the saints of God. Military force may be no match against the violence and major degree of hatred that the terrorists feel for the nation . This explains why the women and men will blow themselves up with bombs just to destroy a target.

Remember the major terrorist plot that was intercepted in Britain recently? The woman involved was going to blow herself and her young baby together. The enemy recently changed tatic and used a Guyanese man to implement a plot against the Americans through the JFK plot (I will talk about how this plot was intercepted in January). This was an unexpected source of attack. I will talk subsequently about the role of the saints in interrupting the war on terror. Blessings!