Greetings to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and saints in Christ. I would like to redirect our thoughts back to the original trend of thought, which is related to the examination of the ministries of the New Testament Elders. Paul revealed the extent of his confidence in the young minister Timothy when he reminded him in 1 Tim 1: 3, that he had travelled on to Macedonia, leaving Timothy in Ephesus. He left him there in the responsible role of Pastor/Overseer of the ministry.. Paul was forced to do so because of his concerns about the spiritual maturity of the Ephesians. He reminisced about Timothy’s “charge”, which was really his job description, which had two key elements:

1. Monitor the content of the believers’ teachings
2. Monitor the believers for evidence of the fruit of the spirit.

Monitor the content of the believers’ teachings

Some of the believers had strayed from the truth and were teaching other doctrines, fables and endless genealogies which were causing the members of the body of Christ to become confused, rather than edified (1 Tim 1:3, 4). Paul himself must have become tired with them and must have made the decision to move on. One can only do so much and no more. He was not willing, however, for the flock to be lost and left the young Timothy to deal with them. What a way to grow! More next time. Blessings.