This morning I was saddened to hear a newscast on Ten Ten Winds about the arrest of Al Gore 111. The 24 year old was arrested in Los Angeles, California early Wednesday morning “fter being stopped for speeding, according to a sheriff’s department spokesman. Police found four types of prescription drugs in the car, but Gore did not have a prescription for any of them, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jim Amormino. He also said a small amount of marijuana was found in the car. Gore must appear in court on August 1 to answer the charges, which could include felony drug charges, said Susan Schroeder of the Orange County district attorney’s office. He was released Wednesday afternoon on $20,000 bail.” ( I wrote the following response to CNN:

Dear Sir,

It seems that Al Gore 111 and other rich children like him are in desperate need of help that a psychiatrist cannot give to him. I believe that this young man needs to discover his purpose in life and to find a meaningful way to fulfill his existence. He was engaged in a very high risk behavior that is almost suicidal. Is he calling for help?

My recommendations to Al Gore Sr are:

1. Spend time with this child in order to help him develop his sense of worth
2. Give the child a meaningful occupation in one of his companies or endeavours
3. Give Al Gore 111 a credit limit to prevent him, hopefully, from buying drugs (am I being naive?).
4. Help him to get in ouch with the Creator, the source of his existence
His life is too precious to be wasted away.

Mercedes Moss