Dear Sir,

Here is one fabulous successful case study about the son of a famous multibillionnaire(name withheld for privacy). Forseeing potential future problems with His son, He used a several strategic options to help the child to grow up and to empathize with others:

1. He sent the child to live with the employees for 33 years. He grew up in a relatively poor family and received no gifts from the father apart from what was provided by His surrogate family.

2. The Son had to learn the trade of the surrogate father (carpentry). He therefore learnt the value of hard labor.

3. The Son also had to function as a salesman in the father’s business. No one understood it better than He did.

4. The Son had to form a company comprised of 12 key executives who were trained to carry out the job on the Son’s return home.

5. The Son had to demonstrate a life of humility to others.

Mercedes Moss