Greetings to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and saints in Christ. In my previous blogs I shared the framework that Paul used to guide Timothy in fulfilling his role as a bishop. If we are to continue therefore, to view the letters as the job description of his role, we can safely say that 1 Tim 2: 1 – 8 instructs Timothy that his job description is that of Master Intercessor and instruction of the saints in the ministry of intercession. Here are a few examples that support the importance of the intercession of the saints in the earth:

1. Peter was sprung from prison by an angel when the saints prayed (Acts 12: 5-17)

2. God promised never again to destroy the entire earth by flood when Noah prayed (Gen 8: 20 – 22).

3. An entire nation was saved from a military invasion when the people fasted and prayed (2 Kings 20)

4. The prayers of the saints rise to God like incense and a sweet perfume. He bottles them up and inhales them (gets a high). This is how He remembers our prayers and this is why we must never stop praying (Rev 5: 8; Rev 8: 3,4). This is the basis on which Noah’s sacrifice was accepted. Noah was a righteous man and his life so pleased God that his sacrifice rose up to God as a sweet smelling savor.

5. God promised that He would hear from heaven if we humble ourselves, pray, seek his face and turn from our wicked ways (2 Chron 7: 14).


I have many personal examples in which God answered prayers of the saints on behalf of issues in their nations. However, this one made me chuckle and I hope it will encourage the saints who do not believe that their prayers reach God. Several years ago my Uncle’s wife (Yvonne White) conducted a regular prayer cell meeting in her home. She told me that the intercessors shut down the extremely loud, ungodly music that emanated from a grocery store near to the home. Did they march and protest? No. The members of the prayer cell just went about their business praying and the music just suddenly stopped. In other words, they ran off the demons.


You don’t need a crowd to change your neighbourhood or situation in your family. You only need two or three praying people (Mt 18: 20).

Blessings until!