Greetings to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Holy Angels and saints in Christ. There has to be some way for us to apply Paul’s teaching on dress to our context, since scriptures are given by the Holy Spirit for instruction in righteousness. Are we facing the problems that Paul did? Well, that is an understatement! Cultural dress norms have crept into the church and it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between the believers and unbelievers. Here are some guidelines that may help women to please God in dress:

* Try it before you buy it with the intent of determining if it will please God. Would Jesus talk with you while wearing that dress or would He have to turn His eyes away. Mind you, when you are a young believer, He will, but you will be beaten with many stripes when you know better. The possible consequences could be unwanted male attention and the Lord could make that happen just to teach the woman a lesson. For those who will not hear, He simply leaves you to go your way – until!

* Ask someone for feedback on the dress – is it sensual, exposing the body etc?

* Wear a slip under dresses that are transparent.

* Try to avoid unnecessary exposure which occurs when the woman wears clothing such as sheer tops over a strappy top. I’ve seen many women in church dressed like this.

* Edit the dress – if the cleavage is low, wear a nice inner piece to cover. That is intended for private viewing. Take it to a seamstress or take it back to the store if it is unwearable from a biblical viewpoint.

* Ask yourself the question, “what is my motive for putting on a dress or any outfit that exposes any of my body parts?” Remember the snake goddess? Well, she dressed with breasts exposed. What images come to mind when you see exposed breasts? Her stance is intended for enticement and not for breastfeeding babies, so let’s not be naive about the effect of exposed cleavages, thighs, tight clothing etc, especially when worn in places of worship. The snakes in her hands symbolize the devil and are intended for the deception, enticement and destruction of those who will worship at the feet of this idol of sexual attraction. In case you think that there are no more snake goddesses around, think again! I have seen women in visions with snakes either coming out of their chests (in one case) and in the other, three snakes were around the woman’s head at the level of the temple, ears and chin. They abound on the movie screens, in advertisements, on the Internet, in gospel bands etc. The enemy’s plan is to mix true worship with some level of deception that will lead people astray.

If you are one of those women who ask what’s the fuss, then think again. Sometimes we dress “innocently”, unaware of our effect on others. I myself was rebuked many years ago by my Pastor for wearing a dress with a low back. I thought that it was demure, but it sent another message to him. Needless to say, I never wore it again. Mind you, we cannot even “break away” from God’s guidelines for social events like weddings etc. These are some of the times when many women are severely tested by the social norms. Remember that even if your Pastor or leader can’t see you, that God does. I’m sorry to say, but Americans seem to have great difficulty with the issue of modesty in dress. It is possible to be fashionable and modest. Where are the Christian fashion designers? We need to put a label that says “royal priesthood, holy women”. We need to carry the air of elegance, with the glory of the Lord radiating from inside. Is this too much to ask of the church women of America? is this too much to ask of the women of the body of Christ? Blessings until!