Greetings to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Holy Angels and saints in Christ. Now that is a rather interesting topic, but it came to me on Friday as I was musing about the issue of women’s dress. One’s dress may pave the way for public attention, promotion, favor with people etc, for the very reason that people judge by the outward appearance (1 Samuel 16: 7b). However, I learnt a great lesson about how good works, such as hospitality, do pave the way for God’s favor. Here are two examples:


Now God had promised Sarah and Abraham a child and quite a number of years had elapsed since the promise had been first made. God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), visited the Abraham family while they lived in the plains of Mamre (Gen 18: 1 an 2). Abraham, knowing the three men were the members of the Godhead, was extremely hospitable to them, offering accommodation, food and water to wash their feet. He then instructed Sarah to quickly prepare a feast to feed the Lord God. She quickly complied, obeying her husband, although it was a hot day and preparation of food meant that she had to get hot and sweaty. After the feast, God reiterated the promise to give Sarah a son in her hearing, although this seemed a near impossible thing, since she was in her menopause. We may wonder why I make this claim that Sarah’s hospitality got her a son, but this is the only scripture recording a divine visit in which Sarah was present. Her response to God therefore has to be viewed as significant and not incidental. Peter seemed to think so too, since he described her obedience to Abraham as the reflection of a ‘meek and q quiet spirit”, a virtue that God values highly in women (1 Peter 3: 4-6).


Lot’s example was very striking to me because God had intended to destroy him with the rest of the homosexual cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. God had revealed His intent to destroy these two cities, but could not withhold the judgement because the God family could not find even 10 righteous inhabitants (Gen 18: 32-33). Two angels arrived in Sodom that same evening with the intent to destroy. Can two angels destroy an entire city? Yes, one angel destroyed the firstborn in Egypt the city of Jerusalem was destroyed in a plague by an angel with an outstretched hand(2 Sam 24: 16). Lot sat in the gates and saw the angels coming. He did not know that they were angels and offered them the same kind of hospitality that Abraham offered to the Lord, fearing for them if they stayed in the streets all night (Gen 19: 1-2). The angels allowed Lot to persuade them to shelter in his house that night. When the unsavory story is read, we discover that the men of Sodom came out to rape the angels of hte Lord (or so they thought) and even threatened Lot with rape for obstructing them. Now the point is that the angels did not really need protection and maybe were just waiting for the men to come out in order to begin the mass destruction. However, Lot was spared because of his hospitality. At least, he still had some measure of decency in him, although he later impregnated his daughters in the most despicable way. I wonder now whether or not God had planned to use a plague to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Did He rain fire on them in great disgust at their treatment of His servants the angels? Food for thought!

The point is clear. We never know when we will meet the Lord and His angels in need of help. Sarah and Lot were presented with opportunities to incur divine favor and they won that lottery because of their responses. Hope this is helpful. Blessings!