Greetings to the father, Son, Holy Spirit, Holy Angels and saints in Christ.  Today I would like to examine Paul’s statement that women should be dressed in modest apparel and good works rather than with gold, pearls and costly array (1 Tim 2: 9,10). Is he saying that women should not wear jewelry? No, he is not, but he speaks about the excessive usage of jewelry as a means of ornamentation. Here are some scriptural examples that show that God has no problems with precious metals as a form of ornametation:

  1. The earth was created with precious metals embedded in it  such as gold and onyx (Gen 2: 11,12).
  2. Men of God such as Abraham possessed precious metals such as gold and silver (Gen 13: 22; 24 : 22, 35).
  3. Sarah,  Joseph and other bible  characters wore jewels made of gold and silver  (Gen 24: 53, 41: 42).
  4. God’s tabernacle  in the wilderness  was decorated with metals of gold and silver and many of the vessels were made from the same (Ex 3: 22, 12: 35, Ex 25).
  5. The priests’  garments were embedded with jewels, symbolic of their similarity in  role with the anointed cherub who worshipped and  interceded in God’s presence (Ex 28, Eze 28).
  6. Virtues such as strength of character and wisdom are compared to precious metals but are more valuable to God than the latter (Job 23: 10; 28: 12-20).
  7. Heaven abounds with golden: candlesticks,  streets, crowns, vials and censers  containing the prayers of  the saints, a golden altar before the throne of God, golden vials full of the wrath of God, golden reeds/tape measures as well as 12 foundations made of jewels  (Rev 1: 12, 13; 4: 4; 5: 8; 8: 3; 15: 7; 21: 19) .
  8. Chief Prince Gabriel wore jewelry when he appeared to Daniel. He was a Prince on an important diplomatic assignment and dressed the part, with his ” with a belt of the finest gold around his waist” (Dan 10: 5)
  9. Jesus Himself wore “a golden sash around his chest” when John saw Him in Rev 1: 13. He was decorated as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


  1. Wow! God loves precious jewels and uses it as ornamentation, mainly in His city and houses of worship. Did we talk about Solomon’s temple?  The  use of ornamentation in God’s temples in earth and heaven speaks to His royalty. In fact, God is a multi, mulit, mulit billionaire to the neverending power. Where possible, our places of worship should reflect this kind of beauty.
  2. Jewelry was worn by the Angel Gabriel and by the Lord Jesus to make a statement about their royalty. Theirs was elegant, well placed, but not ostentatious.
  3. How much is too much? Do we need to bling bling with rings on our fingers, bells on our toes? Maybe we could follow heaven’s example for the best of effects.
  4. Next time, your glory is not in the jewelry, but in the Light of the Lord. Blessings!