Greetings to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Holy Angels and saints in Christ. This morning I remembered Sarah who usurped authority when she took matters into her own hands by asking her husband to marry her maid Hagar so she could become a surrogate mother to the child she herself could not conceive (Gen 16: 2). Abraham may have listened to her because of his advancing age and fear that God had forgotten his promise to make him a great nation in whom all nations would be blessed and to bless him with a child who would inherit the land of Canaan (Gen 1: 22; 12: 7; 15: 4). God had previously told him that this child would come out of his bowels (Gen 15: 4). As time wore on, this promise did not immediately materialize. Abraham later learnt that he had made a mistake and that God had never intended for him to have a child with anyone else but his wife Sarah. However, God is faithful and blessed Ishmael because of his promise to bless Abraham’s seed (Gen 17: 9-21). God established his covenant to bless the nations through Isaac and not Ishmael (Gen 17: 21).

A series of unhappy events were initiated because of Sarah’s and Abraham’s fatal mistake. First, Hagar lost respect for Sarah because she was fertile and felt she had borne Abraham’s heir. Secondly, this led to Sarah putting out of the home. She had nowhere to go but the desert, but was sent back home because of the mercy of God. She must have passed on her resentment to her son because he later mocked as Abraham and Sarah celebrated Isaac’s weaning. He and his mother were both put out and he languished in the desert at the point of death until the Lord showed Hagar a well of water (Gen 21: 8-21). Ishmael became a bitter and angry man as prophesied because of the events in his life (Gen 16: 11-12). After all, he felt should have been heir although God had established his covenant with Isaac.