Greetings to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Elect angels and saints in Christ. Today I would like to continue this discussion to give proof to my teaching that Paul did not tell the believers that women should literally shut up in church or to stifle their involvement. Here is the evidence:

Acts 6- women were foundation members of the early church and participated in the selection of elders to administer over the Food Pantry Ministry.

Acts 8: 12, 17 – women were saved and baptized by the Apostles and received the infilling with the Holy Spirit.

Acts 9: 36- Dorcas was an elder who administered the Benevolence ministry in Joppa. Her death was a loss to the entire city. She is called by the term “a certain disciple”, a phrase in the scriptures that was reserved for outstanding individuals, places etc. The title was also assigned to Prince Gabriel (Dan 10:5); Prophet Ananias (Acts 9: 10); Timothy and his mother (Acts 16: 1); Cornelius (Acts 10: 1), the members of the prophetic presbytery at Antioch (Acts 13: 1); Lydia who hosted Paul and his team (Acts 16: 14); Aquila and his wife Priscilla (Acts 18: 2); Apollos (Acts 18: 24) and Eutychus who fell asleep in the service and died as a result (Acts 20: 9). Note that the title “a certain” was also ascribed to infamous people, places etc (as in their names are not even worthy to be mentioned). Examples include Ananias and his wife Sapphira (Acts 5: 1); the false teachers (Acts 15: 1) to name a few. A search of the scriptures using the words “certain” or ‘a certain”, will further add to our understanding of its use.

In Acts 10, women may have been among Cornelius’s household and they would have received the infilling with the Holy Spirit.

Acts 12 – Women were among the group praying for Peter’s release from prison. The meeting was actually held in the house of Mary, mother of John Mark (Acts 12: 12). A young woman named Rhoda, opened the door when Peter knocked (Acts 12 :13).

More next time and God bless!