Greetings to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Holy Angels and saints in Christ. Today I am going to share additional information on the issue of women speaking in the church. Bear with me. Following the example of the Lord and the Holy Spirit, Apostle Paul sanctioned and/or acknowledged the involvement of women in the church by “speaking”. Here are some of the evidences:

a. I already spoke about 1 Cor 11: 5 in which he referred to women praying or prophesying…

b. In 1 Timothy 2: 1 and 8, respectively, Paul said that the church should pray for “all men” and that “men should pray everywhere”. The term “men” in these verses is used generically to refer to both men and women. It is highly unlikely that he is excluding women from the content of prayers.

c. Paul instructed Timothy that the widows in the church should become intercessors and continue “in supplications and prayers night and day”. (1 Tim 5: 5).

d. He also instructed Timothy that the older women should become involved in teaching ministry of the church to younger women, teaching them on matters such as how to be good wives, mothers and keepers of the home (Titus 2).

e. Paul also acknowledged and highlighted the teaching ministry of Lois and Eunice to Timothy, noteworthy because this had influenced the young man to become a mature man of God (2 Tim 1: 5). Timothy’s father was a Greek and obviously did not know the scriptures, so his mother and grandmother had to fill the teaching role.

Can women teach men? Yes. I dealt with this when speaking about how Apollos was discipled by Aquila and his co Pastor Priscilla (Acts 18).

f. Women were also encouraged to participate in the ministry of hospitality (1 Tim 5: 10).

g. In conclusion, if we are to teach women to be silent in church, I will become ridiculous and stretch the point to say that they should not pray to the Lord even in private, since maybe He would not want to hear them speak (sic). Maybe they should not even be saved and become members of a local assembly of believers! (even more ridiculous). Why do I say that? The church refers to the called out, the body of Christ. He is the head of the church, a people and not the buildings. The people of God are church. When we gather together, we do so to fellowship with Him. We don’t do church, we are the church.

Blessings. Next time, women in ministry in the Old Testament church.