Greetings to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Holy angels and saints in Christ. Paul had already instructed Timothy to teach the women about dress and not to usurp authority over the man (take matters into their own hands). He also dealt with the issue of them keeping order in the church. Paul then progressed to asking Timothy to teach couples to continue in “faith and charity and holiness with sobriety” so that the woman can be saved in childbearing (2 Tim 2: 15). Sorrow and pain in childbearing was the outcome of the fall. This was never intended, childbirth was originally designed to be a pain free, joyful and safe event in which man and woman would replenish the earth. Subsequent to the fall, women travailed in labour. The experience of a few women in the bible has been documented and I now refer to them:

* Rebekah – her son Jacob held onto his brother’s heel, trying to overtake him in the birth process (Gen 28: 24 – 26).

* Rachel -she travailed in hard labor and died in child birth (Gen 35: 17 – 19). Why did she die? In reference to Paul’s revelation to Timothy, I could only conclude that she did because she was a disturbing influence in Jacob’s home. She wrestled continually with her sister Leah in order to keep Jacob’s favor as the favorite wife (Gen 30: 8; 14 – 16).

* Tamar – As she travailed, her son Pharez prevailed against his brother and put his hand out first (Gen 38: 27 – 30).

* Eli’s daughter in law experienced labor pains at the time of her husband’s and father in law’s deaths. Scriptures said that she went into labor and died. She gave up hope because she said that the glory of God had departed from Israel, since at the time of her husband’s death he had been delivering the ark of God to the warriors of Israel, who were in battle against their enemies (1 Sam 4). However, the irony is that her husband and his brother had tried to use the ark of God as a talisman to protect them from the Philistines. The Philistines defeated and killed the Israeli army in spite of the presence of the ark of God, because they did not realize that the Lord had long departed from the priests (Eli’s sons). 1 Samuel 2: 12 – 17 describes their sinful lifestyles. Furthermore, God had indicated by prophets that He would judge Eli’s house for their sin. Eli’s family suffered in childbearing because of the sins of his sons. Thank God that He is more merciful today or many women would die in childbirth.

Real examples next time I return!