Greetings to the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Holy Angels and saints in Christ.  Godly women can be saved the pain and potential complications of childsbirth when they claim the promise of 1 Timothy 2: 15. Here are 3 examples:

 I  first encountered  this promsie many years agod as a result of the testimony of my friend LK. She told me that she claimed the promise on the birth of her first child and did not have any pains.

 My friend SD was scheduled to have a  Caeserean section. I visited her prior to the delivery and claimed the promise as I prayed with her. She recovered without a hitch.

The third was notable and involved a relative. We were  participants of a church   service one Sunday night when the Lord showed me in a vision that the devil was going to try to harm her during the birth of her baby.  He then told me to go to the home and pray for her until the baby was born. The expected date of delivery was 3 weeks away.  I obeyed and went and another family member was given the same instruction to pray for her, so she had two people laying hands one her prior to the birth.

Labor pains set in unexpectedly and the birth of the baby was scheduled earlier than we thought. My relative was strengthened by the word of the Lord while awaiting surgery and her fear left.  She was up and springing about the hospital room as if she had not had surgery the day before. The Lord was good and hastened her recovery.

I hope that these testimonies will serve as an encouragement to women awaiting childsbirth.