I’ve written extensively about Paul in the role of chief bishop, but felt that I should dedicate at least one post to comment exclusively on this role to the churches of the gentiles (Rom 11: 13).

A former hater and persecutor of the believers, he was translated into the kingdom of light in a miraculous show down in which he received a revelation of the Lord. After receiving his sight and the infilling with the Holy Spirit through the ministry of Elder Ananias, he immediately began to preach the gospel to the Jews.

Some of the chief evidences of his role as chief bishop emerge in the scriptures (these examples are not exhaustive)

1. He pastored the church at Antioch in collaboration with Barnabas.

2. Sent forth by the Holy Ghost as evangelists, Paul and Barnabas preach the gospel to the gentiles and raise up churches. They later returned and ordained elders in the churches to ensure their longevity.

3. Paul took great pains to labor among the believers, teaching the word, defending the flock against false teachings, reproving, exhorting and correcting the believers (as seen in his letters to the brethren). He saw them as his spiritual children and was always very concerned about their well being, showing his concern either by periodic visits or by sending other ministers to see to their state.

4. He also trained and mentored junior ministers such as Timothy, Titus, Mark Crescens, Tychius (2 Tim 4: 10 – 13) deploying them on ministry assignments as he saw fit.

5. As the chief bishop, Paul was very careful to leave an example of a righteous life, teaching the believers that they needed spiritual revelation in order to receive all that God had in store for them. He was a man with a strong spirit, never afraid to suffer for the sake of the gospel. He stood out as a prominient leader, full of the Holy Spirit and spiritual revelation and the grace of the Lord, a meek and humble man who never lorded it over others even when they deserved to be put in their place (1 Cor 2: 3)

More next time.