* A minister of the gospel of Christ and called before birth, thanks to the prayers and worship of my mother Mrs Laurie Moss, during an anointed pregnancy. 

* Saved at age 9 and filled with the Holy Spirit at 13 years with the evidence of speaking in tongues, prophesying and intoxication with the Holy Spirit.

* Used in numerous and  diverse ways by the Holy Spirit to meet the needs of the body of Christ over the years through involvement in Christian ministry.

* Functioned as teacher to the body of Christ (Sunday School and otherwise), soloist,  mentor, role model, intercessor,  counsellor, evangelist, prophetic ministry and in other leadership roles such as  Sunday School Superintendent, church clerk, Youth President,  and worship leader. 

* Served as a volunteer with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Youth For Christ (1986 – 1989), later playing a specific role in the production and presentation of the Radio Program “Questions and Answers”.

* I walk with God and talk with angels