Hello and thanks for stopping by to read today’s post. This topic is an offshoot of the point that Paul was in the practice of ordaining elders in every church, even though the writers of the New Testament did not say so at every instance. I used the infilling with the Holy Spirit as an example of this law of firsts. I will continue today to speak about the working of signs and wonders as another example.

Signs and wonders followed the ministry of the apostles and examples are found in the book of Acts (Acts 5: 12). These must have been commonplace and it seems that only the most unusual events were documented in detail. These examples included:

* the healing of the lame man – Acts 3
* the death of Ananias and Sapphira – Acts 5
* Peter’s shadow healed people – Acts 5 :15-16
* Saul’s conversion – Acts 9
* Aeneas’ healing – Acts 9: 33
* Dorcas’ resurrection – Acts 9: 36 – 40
* The outpouring of the Holy spirit on the Gentiles – Acts 10
* Barjesus struck with blindness for resisting the gospel – Acts 13: 8-11
* Lame man at Lystra healed – Acts 14: 8-11
* Paul heals people with cloths from his body – Acts 19: 11 – 16 (The Sons of Sceva discovered that the name of Jesus was not a magic word)

Were these the only miracles done by the Apostles? No. Why were these documented? Most of them were followed by astonishment among the people and the salvation of many souls.

Paul in his letters reminded the gentile believers about the signs and wonders that he had done among them as a means of strengthening their faith . Here are some texts:

* Romans 15: 18 – 19
* 1 Cor 2: 4, 14
* 2 Cor 10: 11, 12
* 2 Cor 12
* Galatians 3 :5

Do we have the same effect in the world today? It seems that the working of signs and wonders are left to a few “chosen” people. God expects signs and wonders to follow all those who believe. However, God expects the teachers, pastors, apostles, prophets and evangelists to demonstrate His might and power in the earth. Paul told the believers that the signs of an apostle were done among them (2 Cor 12: 12). I am rather bemused by the dry, dull and boring ministers of the gospel who demonstrate no signs and wonders. This is in opposition to the word of God. If the body has fully grown up in Christ, signs and wonders should be a natural outcome of hte manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Be encouraged!