I was led to this topic this morning as I examined my notes to make sure that I was on track and had not omitted anything that I had been given to write. According to the pattern in the Lord’s ministry and the early church, the elders were full of the Holy Spirit and demonstrated signs and wonders in their ministries. How is it then that many elders in the body of Christ today are “wimps” in this sense? This is deplorable and may explain the reasons why many are not being added to the church. Christ’s disciples were able in mist cases to do as He did as demonstrated in Luke 10. The apostles were no slackers.

Jesus’ ministry was full of innumerable signs and wonders, often performed with much fanfare. He healed all kinds of sicknesses, raised the dead, opened blind eyes, fed multitudes, walked on water, calmed the winds and the waves. The people could not get enough. Their eyes stared and popped. The apostles and new testament elders followed close behind, healing the sick, casting out devils, raising the dead to name a few that were not disclosed in scriptures.

The signs and wonders produced faith in the people who followed the Lord and those who heard the apostles preach. The gospel of the kingdom of God must be preached with the demonstration of the power of God. Alas, there are too many stereotypes in the church simply because we have not really studied the scriptures and also because of unbelief. There is a type of hero worship of leaders and the work of the ministry is left up to a few “top” people. Churches need to enlist every member in at least ONE area of ministry and also become flexible in how thewe ministry roles are exercised. Why do we need to congregate at church building for each and every ministry activity?

Another element that is missing in the “modern” church is the SHARING OF TESTIMONIES with the public and the body of the Lord in general. Reliable evidence will convince the unbeliever and bring glory to God. The means by which this is done could be creative. Testimony services and sharing are powerful means for leading people into praise, worship and faith. If we get rid of the stereotypes of the past and do things with a new flair, much blessing will come.

The issue at stake is, however, where are the signs and wonders among the people with the wonderful titles in the church, like bishop, apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor, minister, deacon, mother, elder etc. Let’s get real and meet the requirement set by the chief Bishop and Apostle. Blessings!

1 Cor 2