Greetings again readers! As I read the story of Cain’s demise, I began to see some truths by the Spirit of the Lord. Cain was a self centered individual who wanted to be in charge and the center of attention. It seemed that his sense of self/self-esteem depended mainly on approval from external sources. When God did not approve him, his loss became fear of his brother to the extent that he killed him. He rose up against his brother. These are the people in the assemblies who try to depose the ones who please God and have His favor.

The truth, however, is that your enemies may kill you in some way, but your blood will cry out to to the Lord from the ground. Please note the truth that God talked with Cain. However, the interactions reveal that Cain did not love or respect God. He took His creator for granted and I am not sure why this was the case. His lack of respect revealed his immaturity and folly since the word says that those who fear God will become wise (Prov 9: 10).

God had to teach Cain “manners” because of his attitude. His punishment was dual – “… the ground …will no longer yield its crops for you. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth.”
(Gen 4: 12).

Here are the interpretations:

2. The very thing that Cain used to buy God’s favor became a snare to him. His god became the source of distress since he would no longer gain pleasure from his work of farming. I have observed that people who become subversive in order to gain power are usually the ones least able because of they lack the anointing and traits to take up the role of leader. If you want to become a leader in the church, go and find sheep outside and don’t steal the sheep from under the shepherd’s nose. The very thing that you use to cause others to fall will become a snare. I know of one brother who was very subversive to his leader. The people did to him what he had done in the past. There could be no joy in this leadership, can there?
b. Cain interpreted his wandering to mean that he would be shut out from the presence of the Lord. Did the Lord tell him that? No. Herein lay some weakness in his theology. To him, the presence of the Lord was fixed in a particular place. If he had really known God, he would have known that God was everywhere and that he could have been restored to fellowship. Herein is an indirect continuance of Cain’s arrogance. He longed for fellowship with God, but continued to call the shots and set the terms. He went out from the presence of God (Gen 4: 16), not seeing the love that God had for him in protecting him from avengers of Abel’s blood.

Blessings and more to come!