I was rather amused at the attempts of the Pharisees to kill Jesus, the creator of the earth. He escaped all their attempts until the moment had arrived. As I read Matthew 27 and 28, I saw how they engineered His execution. Here are some of the tactics they used that you may find in the hypocrites:

1. They manipulated the people, playing on the mass frenzy, getting the crowd to demand the execution of the Lord and Barabbas’ release.

2. They also manipulated Pilate’s weakness, knowing that he loved political favor rather. They did not directly lift a finger to kill the Lord, but used the political system of the day to do so.

3. In the heat of the moment, they recklessly took the responsibility for His death.
Your enemies will not rest until they are certain that you are done for. After the Lord was in the tomb, the Pharisees and their accomplices begged Pilate to seal the tomb and to have it guarded in the event that the disciples whisked His body away at night. That was so ironic because those 11 men had already disappeared into thin air.
When the news of the Lord’s resurrection reached them, they paid the soldiers to say that the disciples had overpowered them. This was very funny because the soldiers were in danger of losing their lives even for missing the body. Your enemies will resort to bribery even when their story has loop holes in it.

You will rise again. In your apparent demise, you will spoil the principalities and powers as the Lord did. This is the response that we must take to the Scribes and Pharisees with whom we must deal. We will rise to a new dimension of power as we war against and overcome the forces of darkness that drive their activity. No weapon will prosper against the servant of the Lord. Keep the faith and be blessed.