Generally, when people speak about having a ministry outside of their local church, they refer to becoming something like a preacher, preaching and teaching in other churches. This is what the Lord taught me on the issue:

First, Jesus set the example by selecting apostles whose ministries were offshoots of His own. In other words, He taught them, demonstrated the ministry by example, sent them forth on assignment (Lk 10), got their feedback, then left them to work independently on earth (yet under His jurisdiction), when He returned to heaven.

Secondly, Paul was another example. While he received a personal revelation about his ministry, this was confirmed by Ananias, Barnabas, then the prophetic presbytery (Acts 9, 11: 23 and 13). There is an issue of timing. Paul was undergoing further preparation prior to the time that he was thrust fully into the work of the Lord.

Thirdly, Paul’s ministry was confirmed by PROOF. People were saved, churches were raised up and elders ordained. All of this was done initially with the church at Antioch as the base. As it became increasingly evident that he had been called as the overseer, he became more independent of the church at Antioch. More to come as time is against me. Bye for now an blessings.