An examination of scriptures reveals that every disciple is not selected as an apostle. This was certainly true even in the ministry of Apostle Paul. For example, Paul did not consider John Mark to be worthy of this calling. He certainly tried to groom Demas, but this man was lured by the attractions of the world. Jesus selected only 12. In order to become an apostle, we need to understand the significance of the ministry of the apostle (I will speak of this). However, if we examine Jesus ministry and do some simple Maths (I will leave the calculations of probability to the statisticians), it will seem that many are indeed called to follow, but few are elevated to this place of relationship.

Here are some examples:

1. great multitudes of people followed the Lord and some of them called themselves His disciples, yet He chose 12 as His apostles

2. After Jesus had sent out the 12 (LK 9:1), He appointed another 70 who would go ahead of Him into the cities to meet the demands of the harvest (Lk 10: 1).

However, it seems that the 12 always remained in His inner circle, comprising 17% of those who followed most closely (12/70×100 = 17.1%). The previous post already answered the question of why such a small percentage was chosen as apostles. The masses of disciples cannot bear the hard teachings that will be revealed and there are certainly elements of doubt in their hearts so that they turn back. While some people may never leave the church, they will balk at some of the demands that the Spirit of God will make on those who must go unto a higher calling.

Do we have the faith to believe the things pertaining to the kingdom? Blessings!