Luke’s account in Luke 6: 13 implies that there is a line of distinction between an apostle and a disciple. The twelve men were among a much larger group of followers called disciples, yet Jesus also called them apostles. Is God biased? Why are many called but few sent? I found the answer in this fascinating portion as I read the book of John recently. Jesus was teaching about the need for believers to share in His body and blood, but the Jews and many of His disciples took His words literally.

Here are His disciples’ response to His teachings:

1. they murmured and said that it was a hard saying (v 60 and 61)
2. many of them stopped following Him (v 66). 

Jesus asked the twelve whether or not they would leave Him? Basically, they stayed because they really believed that He was the Christ, although their faith did waver at times (Jn 6: 64). He had selected them based on their faithfulness (knowing also that Judas would betray Him in order for scriptures to be fulfilled).