In order to help the Hebrews to understand Jesus’ apostleship fully, Paul compared Him with Moses:

* Moses was faithful in doing all that God told Him in the wilderness – Jesus was also faithful in doing and saying all He had been instructed.

* Moses had glory but Jesus was worthy of more glory than Moses (Heb 3: 3).

* The one who builds the house has more glory than the house. Who is worshipped in Revelation? Jesus or Moses? Who are the people that worship? They come from every nation and tribe and not just one nation.

* Moses built the tabernacle in the wilderness as a servant, but Jesus built all things and is Son over His house and was not a servant (Heb 3 : 5,6). As children in His house, we become heirs of God and joint heirs with Him.

No apostle on earth can therefore even come close to the glory of the Son who built all things and therefore His church. We should worship and emulate His perfect example. Paul spoke in 1 Cor 3 about the glory of the new covenant that far exceeds the glory of the old. Blessings!