Hebrews 1 :3 – 6 compared the church of Jesus to a house which was built by the Lord. In fact, Jesus Himself said that that He was building His church and that the gates or the authority of hell will not prevail against it (Mt 16: 18).  In the Old Testament, the gates were used by the rulers for judgement and other important transactions. After writing Monday’s post, I heard this question, ‘How do Apostles build the house of God?” I will therefore attempt to deal with it now then resume talking about Apostle Jesus? We need to answer several questions:

1. What is the house of God?

In the Old Testament it was a physical place. New Testament writers refer to the house of God as the:

a. church/people of God (1 Tim 3:5,15; Heb 10: 21; 1 Pet 4: 17). Paul called the believers the building of God, whose foundation is Jesus Christ (1 Cor 3: 9-11). Since the church is built on Jesus, it is the “the pillar and ground of the truth” (1 Tim 3: 15) against which the gates of hell will not prevail. Peter called the believers lively or living stones who are built up into a spiritual house for the purpose of offering up spiritual sacrifices of prayer and worship (1 Pet 2: 5).

b. temple of God. Jesus called His body a temple (Mt 26:61)

c. temple of God or dwelling place of the spirit of the individual believer in which the Holy Spirit dwells (1 Cor 3: 16-19; 2 Cor 6: 16).

N.B. people can become pillars or stylos in the house of God. That is, they contribute to the strength and stability of the church because of their eminence and strength(blueletterbible.org). These include the key leaders/equippers such as the apostles (e.g. Gal 2: 9). God promised that those who overcome temptation will become a “pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out” and will be given a new name (Rev 3: 12).
2. How do Apostles build the house of God so that the gates of hell do not prevail against it?

God wants His people to become mature in Christ so that they live and think like Him and therefore, like God. In order to be come like the Lord, the members need to know Him by revelation (Eph 1: 17, 18; 4: 14)

I believe that some of the ways in which the house of God is built include:

a. spiritual revelation/revelation of truth/teaching of doctrine (1 Cor 2; 2 Tim 3: 16).
b. reproof, correction, (2 Tim 3: 16)
c. instruction in righteousness (2 Tim 3: 16)
d. equipping of the members for leadership roles in the word and administration/spiritual succession planning (Eph 4)
e. strengthening of the believers faith through the demonstration of the power of God (1 Cor 2:4,5)
f. revelation of the Lord to the individual believer (Eph 1: 16, 17).
g. faithful leaders who set godly examples for the brethren to follow
I believe that I will need to return to this topic much later. Blessings!