I believe that there is a very special relationship between angels and apostles. As I tried to find a biblical example, I thought of the Apostle John. God invited him to enter in to the realm of the spirit so that he could see things to come. The things to come were shown to John by angels. Here are some of their activities:

a. asking questions – Rev 5: 2.

b. After the saints worshipped, the angels join in by loudly worshipping Jesus as the worthy lamb that was slain, although they have not experienced sin and salvation – Rev 5: 11 – 14

c. executing judgement on the earth – Rev 6: 1-8, 12

d. demonstrating power over the elements – Rev 7: 1-3

e. worshipping by falling on their faces – Rev 7: 11-12

f. presenting the prayers of the saints to God/an intercessor – Rev 8: 3-4.

g. executing vengeance on earth on the behalf of the saints as a result of their
prayers – Rev 8: 5-13


There is more to come, but this is what I learnt. Angels play a major role in visions and revelation of the Lord. They question the apostle in order to stimulate learning on an issue. It is their questioning that leads the Apostle into seeking and receiving the wisdom and revelation that God wants to reveal in the earth.

Angels join the saints in worshipping the lamb. Rev 5: 11-14 show that “ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands” worship. This is the pattern of worship that the apostle should follow on earth. Angels appear in our worship services expectantly waiting to see us worship with abandon as sinners saved by grace by the blood of the worthy lamb of God.

Actually, John saw the 4 beasts (angels) join the 24 elders in falling down on their faces and casting down their crowns before the throne. They all worship in a prominent position in front of the throne. They appear to be the worship leaders in this act of worship. Therefore, Apostles should be experts in demonstrating worship in spirit and in truth. He/she should lead people into the presence of the Lord. It is the apostle who should be falling down, shouting, dancing and showing the way into the holies of holies. I always wonder therefore, why the apostles of the present day church appear on the scene just before they need to make their presentations. It’s not about us, but about Jesus.

The role of angels is also to teach the apostle how to excel in judgement, strength and power as they instruct in the issues of judgement in the earth.

As one with great authority in the realm of the spirit, apostles are highly qualified to intercede on behalf of the saints in a dimension of power that will activate the release of angels and great deliverance. This was also the experience of Daniel as he fasted and prayed for the deliverance of his people from captivity.

Why am I so convinced on this issue? Jesus prayed that the Father’s will would be done on earth even as it is in heaven. God is waiting for men and women to attain to great dimensions of power and authority in the earth. Did not Jesus tell us that we will do greater works than He did? His heavenly apostles hold the secrets hidden from the foundation of the earth. The chiefs are waiting to instruct those highly qualified individuals in the spirit realm in the way that they should go.

This dimension of anointing is sadly achieved by few. It takes sacrifice to get to this place of fellowship, but it is not unattainable. How well are our apostles meeting these benchmarks? Blessings and I pray that you have been blessed.