We’ve established that a demonic stronghold is a term that can be broadly used to describe demonic control or domination of  places, people (like the man possessed with the legion of devils) or things. It  relates to any sphere of control or opposition of demons to the truth that is held by God or against God Himself.

The Bible is filled with examples, some of  which I had never seen in that light before. Here they are:

* Adam and Eve – the stronghold was disobedience to the word of God, His authority. They overcame by the blood of the lamb (symbolized by the shedding of animals) and the prophetic word promising  redemption through the seed that would crush the devil’s head.

* Moses – fought against a stronghold of bondage (slavery) and  idolatry/witchcraft symbolized by the power (limited) of the magicians.  He overcame by the prophetic word and the demonstration of a greater power, revealing God as terrible  man of war (Ex 15: 3) . The demonstration of the power of God will always overcome demonic strongholds.

* Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego also opposed idolatry, arrogance and the antichrist spirit which were represented by the ” high thing”  that Nebuchadnezzar built and commanded the leaders to worship.  They overcame by testifying about God’s ability to deliver and by the revelation of Jesus in the fire. 

I believe that the demon behind the idol was an antichrist spirit, causing Jesus Himself to come forth to mock it. This led to Nebuchadnezzar commanding all of his subjects to serve God.

* Joshua (Jehovah is salvation) opposed the demons of Canaan by taking possession of their territory in aggressive warfare, making a mockery of their kings and princes. He was led into battle by the Lord Himself, Captain of the Host of the Lord, as revealed in Josh 5: 13-15 and Rev 19: 11-14. He is a forerunner showing us how merciless the saints should be to the demons against which we fight.

We will need to pull down some strongholds by taking possession of some enemy territory e.g cities, arts, entertainment etc.  I’ve written extensively on the topic of spiritual warfare under the  catogeries spiritual warfare, Jesus  the Son of God, roles in the early church and invite you to take a look.

* Esther and Mordecai– they opposed the stronghold of hate/ethnic cleansing and  pride that operated through Haman (whose name means magnificent). They overcame through prayer, fasting and a strategic manoeuvre by Esther the Queen in which Haman was exposed.

When I come back, I will share a few other examples. Remember that these saints’ testimonies are written for our examples. We too are more than conquerors. Blessings!