I would like to continue to share the testimonies of saints who pulled down strongholds of the enemy. They also came from:

Paul and Silas – they were imprisoned for opposing the stronghold of idolatry (expressed in fortunetelling). As they sang and praised God, the stronghold was brutally shaken by the    kingdom of heaven.

 Jehoshaphat  and the people of Israel also experienced the opposition of the stronghold of terror, fear and intimidation that came up in the form of millions of soldiers. They overcame through the word of a prophet, praise to God and singing about His goodness (2 Chron 20).  Ps 100 shows that singing praises is a part of the protocol for entering the presence of God, so Jehoshaphat and his people were really getting God’s attention as they sang. God ambushed Jehoshaphat’s enemies as Judah began to sing and praise. Were the ambushers angels? I always wondered and am convinced that they were!

Jehoshaphat was king of Judah. The psalmist prophesied that Judah is my lawgiver (Ps 60: 7; 108: 8). Judah means praise. Praise is the tribe that will pass the decrees as the lawgiver. 

Jacob prophesied to his son Judah that “the sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet” (Gen 49: 10). While he was speaking prophetically of the Messiah, in the realm of the spirit, the worshipper will always prevail against the powers of darkness. 

 I love Ps 149 because it shows the honor that the saints have in warfare, even to the point where they can launch attacks from their beds using the weapons of song, high praises and the word of God. The outcome is that vengeance will be executed on the people, their kings  will be bound with chains (Rev 20: 1,2) and their nobles with fetters of iron.  In the realm of the spirit, the people, kings and nobles refer to demons and their rulers.

Peter also faced a stronghold of intimidation and fear and was cast into prison. He was delivered by the constant prayer of the saints and angelic visitation 

FAQ: Do you know that the saints receive crowns for participating in spiritual warfare.  Spiritual warfare allows God to take back territory that the enemy has stolen from us. Blessings