Jesus’ mission as an Apostle was to build His church impregnably against the gates or the authority of hell, according to Matthew 16: 18. Hell or hades was the place of satan’s abode and the dwelling place of the spirits of the unjust  dead (Rev 20: 13). We know this to be so because Jesus used the word hades to describe the place of torment where the rich man lifted up his eyes.

Jesus descended in death into hades (sheol in the Old Testament), which is found in the lower parts of the earth and took away its authority from satan (Eph 4: 9; 1 Pet 3: 18, 19; Rev 1: 18).  It seems that there are other synonyms for hades, but their descriptions are correspondant.

Jesus said that the gates of hell will not prevail against His church because it is a dwelling place for demons and apparently one from which attacks are launched (Jude 1: 6). He has already overcome its power and I have spoken about His victory previously.

However, the key to our victory is found in Matthew 12: 28-29 in which Jesus said that anyone who wants to spoil a strongman’s house must first enter the house and bind the strongman.  To  spoil means to plunder and this is what Jesus did to the principalities and powers of hell (Col 2: 15). He was a stronger man than Samson, all power being subject to Him.

In order to plunder the gates or authority of hell, the church must take on the persona of “strongman”.  Jesus has already done the work, taking away the power and authority. All we have to do is to bind the forces using our spiritual weapons.

 Keep the faith and God bless!