The ministry of compassion is a very important element of the Apostle’s ministry. Paul revealed four  important elements of that ministry as revealed in Jesus’ life in Hebrews 2: 9-18. These are the characteristics that should be present in anyone carrying the title “Apostle”.

 This is Apostle Jesus’ example:

a. He became a partaker of human sufferings by tasting death for every man. As a result, He showed us how to overcome the spirit  of death and the forces of hell. All of their power are in His hands. 

The Apostle will go through experiences in which his/her flesh has to become subdued, weak, die through suffering, fasting, prayer etc so that the spirit can live. I wrote about this previously under the category “Fasting”.  For example, Jesus fasted, yet overcame temptation by fighting the tempter with the sword of the Spirit.

The Lord knows that we are human and will not let the Apostle suffer every human complaint known to man (or we will be no earthly good). However, the experience of suffering causes him or her to live a disciplined life of power because the spirit becomes fully alert. It also provides a reference point by which he/she can aid others who are suffering.

Paul spoke of his struggle with the flesh in Romans 7, but taught in the subsequent chapter that the secret to overcoming is to walk in the spirit OR to walk according to the word and according to spiritual revelation.  As He described his struggle with a weakness, God told Him that he should live in the strength of God.

As a result of suffering, the Apostle becomes more competent in bearing the burdens of others in the way Christ. As an expert against the forces of death and hell, there is great authority to  loose captives from the bondage of death and hell.

b. Jesus also became a partaker with His children when He took on flesh and blood, or became an offspring of Abraham. As the seed of Abraham, He was subject to the same opposition that Adam and Eve experienced in the garden of Eden. As the seed of Abraham, He showed us how to live righteously and to crush the devil’s head.

Jesus is therefore not afraid to bring us to glory/the sharing of all that He inherits. He is not ashamed to call us His  brethren and His children and also rejoices over us with singing (Heb 2: 9-13).  These scriptures show that Jesus loves His church.  How are the Apostles doing?

c . He became the Captain, chief leader or Prince  of our salvation. The Captain of a team is an expert, leader, visionary, head in the business of the team. We therefore look to Jesus as the example, as the author and finisher of our faith.

Our salvation in Heb 2: 20 refers to our soteria, meaning deliverance, preservation, safety, salvation; deliverance from the molestation of enemies, the eternal  safety of our souls or salvation. He shows us through His word, example and revelation how we can be saved in every sense of the word.

This is what our apostles should be doing in the church. As the Under Apostles, the earthly apostles also look to Jesus for guidance in helping their brethren to be saved or delivered.

d. Because He shared our life, sufferings and death, He became a merciful and faithful High Priest and able to help those who are tempted. We can therefore come boldly to Him asking for help on any matter and He will not condemn or turn us away (Heb 4: 14-16).

Help us Lord to follow your perfect example! Blessings