I should start this post by reminding you that I believe that Jesus was Melchizedek. If you read the book of Hebrews carefully, Paul seemed to imply this at times. For example in Hebrews 7: 3, he said that Melchizedek remains a priest forever. If Melchizedek were human, he would have expired thousands of years ago. For more on this, please click on Melchizedek in the right hand column.

The issue today, however, relates to Melchizedek’s position on homosexuality.  This emerged when he made Abraham lift his hand and swear to the Lord (Himself) that he would take nothing from the king of Sodom (not even a thread to a shoelace) as reward for rescuing his people. 

Actually, we do not learn until much later (Gen 19) that the King of Sodom and the men of the cities around were homosexuals.  God knew that. Maybe Abraham did as well.

Melchizedek taught Abraham several lessons in Gen 14:

  1. Do not make the king of Sodom believe that he was favored by the servant of the Lord. His people were only rescued because Lot was among them.
  2. Do not defile your premises with their stuff. This is to  become guilty of their sin by association. We also know that demons attach themselves to objects from which they carry out their activity. I have seen this firsthand in deliverance ministry.
  3. Do not give the King and his people any opportunity boast about any kind of association with you.

Melchizedek did not discuss the sin of Sodom in any detail here, but commanded Abraham to touch not the unclean thing. This remains His message to His body today.

Later in Gen 18 and 19, God actually came down to investigate the city. We then got first hand information  about the degradation of the city and the reason for their destruction.

Why did God allow Abraham to rescue Lot (and the  people of Sodom by extension?). He is a merciful God and was giving Lot an opportunity to repent. Lot, however, returned to the sins of the city, not learning from  his near death experience. 

Peter said that the destruction of the cities of Sodom et al were done as a warning to those who would live ungodly (1 Pet 2: 6). Apostles need to be fearless in their preaching against this sin and to rescue those who are caught up in this snare of hell.