This may be strange to most of us, but the Lord gave this to me.  I previously established that the  main function of the apostle is to build the house of God. This implies ruler-ship in the body of Christ. However, there are more elements to the role.  We learnt from Genesis 1: 28 and other scriptures that Adam was created with a five fold purpose to be:

fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominionover the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

All of Adam’s offspring should have inherited these blessings.  This mandate was reinforced in scriptures for emphasis. For example, Noah was instructed after the flood  to:

Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. And the fear of you and the dread of youshall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered (Gen 9: 1,2).

David exclaimed about the wonder of the dominion given to the members of the human race when he said that God had given us ‘dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet” (Ps 8: 6). Paul also reminded us about this in Hebrews 2: 8 when he told the believers that Jesus was given the same dominion when He came to earth as a human.

True dominion and authority in the earth must be taken in a particular context:

  1. Adam was created to have dominion as an result of the fact that he was created in the image of God and also as result of his relationship with the creator.  
  2. God made Adam and Eve the managers of the earth. God is the owner/landlord.
  3. Adam’s perfect relationship with God was reflected in the fact that God walked in the garden in the cool of the day and called to him. This is really the ideal walk-living in the presence of the Lord and living by spiritual revelation. Few people attain to this dimension of relationship with the Lord.
  4. Divine visitation is an element of the dominion of man. He must understand his relationship with the Creator and how he inherits all things as a result of this relationship. This is why David exclaimed that man was nothing for God to even consider visiting him. However, God relishes his relationship with His created beings and will visit us in the same way that  He visited Adam, Enoch, Abraham, David and others.
  5. David said that God crowned man with glory and honor. The word glory is translated as honor, riches, abundance, dignity, reputation. We were created as  Kings and  Queens. The word honor is translated as “ornament, splendour”. We were created to decorate Him or to bring credit to Him.

 Apostles need to teach these truths to the body of Christ. I am beginning to understand how much God values us and the kind of relationship that He wants to have with His created beings. He wants to walk and talk with us, tell us His secrets and to visit us in our daily lives. He will reveal Himself to those who diligently seek Him. 

Let’s remember that God did not take away the power of dominion from Adam when he sinned. Christ the second Adam restored to us all that had been lost to the dominion of the power of darkness.

Blessings and more when I return.