Jesus     provided us with some very interesting examples of how to exercise dominion:

  • over the resources of the earth
  • over the  invisible realm and

Jesus’  dominion over the earth’s resources

  • He commanded fishes to  come to the place where the disciples fished so they could have plenty after unsuccessful attempts
  • He multiplied a small number of bread and fish on several occasions in order to feed thousands. He did so by blessing then breaking them.
  • He commanded a fish to bring money to enable Him to pay taxes
  • He sent for His colt (it “belonged” to someone else) so He could ride into Jerusalem.
  • He spoke to a fig tree and dried it up after it refused to feed Him
  • He spoke to the winds and waves and caused them to be still.
  • He walked on the  sea.

His authority over the invisible realm

  • This was demonstrated by His power to cast out demons, heal those afflicted with sicknesses,  raise the dead etc.

What were the keys?

  • Jesus accomplished these by speaking the word (Ps 33: 9).

Let’s follow the Lord’s example as we seek to regain the place that is ours in the earth realm. Blessing!