David provides an interesting study of a man who knew and used his authority to subdue the earth.  He realized this dominion as a result of communion and worship with the Lord while he spent time looking after his father’s sheep. As he spent time in the presence of the Lord, he would play and sing music, receiving revelation about his authority in the earth. He exercised his fearlessness and authority in the slaying of a lion and a bear, slaying of Goliath, slaying 200 Philistines to obtain their foreskins as a dowry for his wife Michal (1 Sam 17: 34-36). 

The same spirit that is on the apostle will fall on those who serve in his/her ministry. As David fled from Saul, he drew near to God. The men who gathered with him must have become worshippers. He had appointed leaders/mighty men  over his troops. They too performed fearless feats that mimiced those of the king. Here are some examples from 2 Sam 23:

  1. Adino the Eznite killed against eight hundred men with a spear 
  2. Eleazar gained a great victory by killing a large number of the Philistines
  3. Shammah stood in the middle of a field of lentils and defended his people against a troop of Philistines
  4. Three of his mighty men broke through a troop of Philistines just to get water for David f rom the well of Bethlehem
  5. Abishai killed 300 men at one time
  6. Benaiah slew two lionlike men and also went down into a pit and slew a lion. He also used a staff to overcome  an Egyptian who came against him with a spear.
  7. David had  37 valiant men who were leaders in his army whose exploits were not documented.

David documented his  exploits as a warrior in Psalm 18. He was such a terrible warrior that his enemies would  become afraid when they heard about him.

David’s example shows us that he had become fruitful and multiplied the anointing that was on him by transferring to others. This is an important element of the apostolic anointing that was also demonstrated by Moses when he laid hands on the 70 elders as well as by Jesus who delegated power and authority to His disciples (LK 10).

Modern day apostles are encouraged by these examples in scripture to go and do likewise. Blessings!