Seth was drawn to my attention because of Genesis 4: 25 which says:Seth was drawn to my attention because of Genesis 4: 25 which says:

And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the name of the LORD

Seth, whose name means compensation, was the replacement for the righteous man Abel. I call him a man of dominion for several reasons:

1. After Abel’s death, Cain his murderer was banished from the Garden of Eden. His offspring appeared to be afraid of God and alienated because of their father’s experience. His son Lamech also appeared to have taken on the spirit of Cain his father,  killing two men (Gen 4: 24,25).

2. Seth brought in a new era in his day, because he was a man like Abel, fearing and loving God. He apparently taught this to his son Enos, who in turn taught his children to worship God. This is why the scriptures says that men began to call upon God in their times.

3. Seth was very influential in leading his household to God and must have been very close to Him. Scriptures say that Seth was born in the image and likeness of Adam (Gen 5: 3). This seems to indicate that he was a worshipper of God.

4. God wrote a book of remembrance about Seth and Enos’ walk with Him. They  are both included in the genealogy of Christ, while Cain was not (Lk 3: 38).


As chiefs in the household of God, apostles must cause men to call on the name of the Lord by example and by teaching. This is one way in which the ministry becomes fruitful, multiplies and replenishes  in the earth.