I wrote in an earlier post that one of the Apostle’s chief functions is to build the house of God (Heb 3: 1-6). Jesus was  called the “High Priest over the house of God (Heb10:21). He is the head in all things, everything being subject to His authority. As the House Captain, he is the expert authority and knowledge in all things. We are connected to each other and to Him in the house. He ordains those in His house for service and fills us with His Spirit. He is the expert Evangelist, Prophet, Apostle, Teacher and Pastor.

The Apostle in the body of Christ is really an under Apostle to Christ. He/she has been proven in the faith and reflects the fullness of Christ in all things – in leadership; holiness; nature of Christ. He/she is a mature prophet, evangelist, apostle, pastor and teacher .This sounds contradictory to many current church teachings which tend to compartmentalize leadership roles.

Jesus’ own example on earth served to show us how He effortlessly fulfilled all of these leadership roles. Paul was another expert and I attempted to show how he flowed in these roles when I wrote about the elders. An apostle may be referred to as a Bishop. 

Here  is another shocker. Paul made comparisons in Hebrews  3 between the Apostleship of Jesus and Moses. Why? As head of the house of God in the wilderness, all of the law and teachings for the house of Israel were  given to Moses for the people. The priests were ordained by him under God’s instructions and they had to do what he said. This indicates the absolute seriousness of the role of Apostle. 

Here are some serious questions to be answered:

  1. Can Apostles truly say that they know God as Moses did, being called a friend of God, talking with Him face to face and seeing His glory.
  2. Can the Apostle say that he/she has been sent by God and is taught by God even as Jesus was?
  3. Would he/she lay down his life/own interests for the brethren?
  4. Can the Apostle truly disciple the body of Christ  to be like the Lord?
  5. What other questions can we ask?