I believe that dominion is critical because God wants His divine order to prevail and to be restored in the earth. Here are some premises:

  1. Before the earth was beautified, it was  formless and empty. God established a state of order by creating living things and by placing a man and a woman to till the earth.
  2. Isaiah 45: 18 says that God created the earth to be inhabited. His desire is that the desolate places of the earth should be filled up and fruitful. This can only be done when man takes up his rightful place.
  3. Prince Michael told me that God is always recreating the earth. He wants a place of beauty just as He intended in the  creation.
  4.  Apostles are responsible for establishing the divine order of God  in the earth in the natural and spiritual realms. Isaiah 61 shows the beautification and restoration that results in nations as a result of the anointing. This is a mystery.

 Apostles are chiefly responsible, however, for establishing the kingdom of God on earth through the church, which is the people of the kingdom.

Much more can be said, but the nations will be blessed when the kingdom of God is dominant in the earth. The kingdom of God will be ushered in when the  leaders whom God has set in His church preach the gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils, feed the hungry, train the disciples, war against the forces of hell and do all that has been entrusted by God.

God has secrets in heaven that are yet to be revealed, mysteries hidden since the foundation of the earth. Meantime we come to a building and say that we are going to church, clap hands, receive an offering, dance, shout and do traditional church. There is more.

When we subdue the power of darkness and exalt God in the earth, the nations will be blessed. Go Apostles, go and God bless you.