The Lord instructed me on January 7th,  2008 that there was a mentality of dominion. This is what He told me – Apostles believe that:

God owns the earth

He is its landlord

It belongs to Him.

As His heir, the earth therefore is mine

I lay claim to what is mine by faith

by speaking, seeing, walking in faith

(faith is seeing and hearing in the invisible realm).

We were given the power to rule

and subdue the earth

and the powers of darkness.

We were given the power to get wealth

I activate this power in me

through spiritual revelation

and walking with God

who gives me the secrets or keys that I need

to accomplish this mandate.

To replenish the earth is to fill up its empty places

To be fruitful is to produce good fruit or outcomes

To multiply is to add resources by

wise investments and by divine transfers,

To add people to the kingdom of God.

I can see invisible as well as tangible results of my work

I can show proofs of the ministry

God will test me to develop in me faithfulness

He expects me to seek His kingdom first

He will test me to see if my goal is to fulfill His purpose as given to Adam

or if my goal is just to make a living to survive.

As an apostle (an apostolic nation), I live by spiritual revelation

This means that I operate by what I hear God say, by what He shows me in the spirit and not by what I see with the natural eye.

I am more than a conqueror and  await the prizes given to over-comers-

true riches

a crown of life

robes of righteousness

new names

mansions in heaven

a position of leadership in the new earth

a new heaven and a new earth

and many more imperishable riches and more glory than the eye and ear have seen and heard.

Praise His name.