These words were spoken to my spirit as I meditated in the early hours of the morning.  One does not need to have much to operate in the miracle of multiplication. As I ponder on the miracles of multiplication in the bible, I noticed several commonalities. There is usually a prophetic word, a prophet, someone with the resources who must relinquish these resources in order for the miracle to take place.

1. The prophetic word

God already gave the word that He wants mankind to flow in the anointing of multiplication. His word stands forever and we do not need to ask for permission to work this miracle.

2. You do not need to have much in order to work the miracle of multiplication

This truth emerges in Abraham’s life. God promised him offspring in whom all the nations of the earth would be blessed. He also promised to multiply Abraham’s seed and make them like the stars of heaven and the sand of the sea. God told Abraham that Isaac was the child to whom this promise referred. How did God multiply the faith of Abraham through Isaac?

The widow of Zarepath had only one meal left. The little boy had five loaves and two fishes. God had one begotten Son, yet now has many sons. How did this happen?

2. To multiply means to transfer your anointing, faith and values into another

Abraham had one son Isaac who in turn had only two. However, Isaac needed to possess all that was in his father Abraham in order for the promise to be fulfilled. An examination of Isaac’s life will reveal that he had learnt the faith of his father because he:

  • was  a man of prayer – Gen 24: 63; Gen 25: 21
  • walked with God – Gen 26: 1-6
  • believed God’s promise- Gen 26: 6
  • received the anointing to prosper and received an hundredfold when he sowed in the land God told him to live in  – Gen 26: 12
  • was a wise investor, digging wells as his father Abraham had done – Gen 26: 18.
  • worshipped – Gen 26: 23-26

Isaac had apparently been blessed by his father Abraham because we see him transferring the same anointing to his sons by blessing them. The principle of transfer into the seed or the resource emerges in Gen 26: 7-11 which shows that Isaac had copied Abraham’s lie to the Philistines, telling them that Rebekah was his sister.  Even his rationale for telling the lie ws the same as his father’s. This is the reason the apostle particularly needs  to  continually ask God to cleanse him/her from secret sins and other areas of weaknesses because these could become the weaknesses of the people into whom the transfer is taking place.

The word of the Lord is that one does not need to have a mega-ministry, a large family or even a lot of money for the miracle of multiplication to become operational. One only needs to be faithful to the promise that was given and  work out the promise with fear and trembling.

I hope that you will be encouraged today.