Paul revealed this truth about false apostles in his letters to the Corinthian believers. He was concerned because these apostles were guilty of doing the following:

  1. they boasted about their spiritual authority. However, they were using this authority to destroy the brethren (2 Cor 10: 8). The example of Titus 1: 10-16 showed that the false teachers were misusing spiritual  gifts to prophesy lies about the Cretian believers and to teach other false doctrines.  As a result, they turned entire groups of people away from the truth of God. 
  2. boasting about their self importance and comparing themselves with themselves and also with others of their own group (2 Cor 10: 12).  Paul called them fools for doing so and for failing to measure themselves by God’s standards (2 Cor 10: 12-13).
  3. The false apostles used outward appearances and pomp to reinforce their importance.  Paul was grieved by this because the false apostles used their powerful and forceful appearance to mock Paul who they said had a weak appearance and feeble preaching (2 Cor 10: 7-10). False apostles obviously do not believe in meekness. 

Paul spoke about his sufferings for the sake of the gospel as well as the abundance of revelation that he had received (2 Cor 11 and 12).  This was adequate reason for boasting. However, the Lord taught him (and us) that we should not even boast in these, but to remain humble and dependent on Him.   

Paul cautioned the believers that it is better to hear the Lord say “you have done well” rather than to boast of one’s power and authority (2 Cor 10: 17-18).  

Let’s be cautious lest we become led away by false apostles. Some of them demand the entourages, accolades, pomp etc that should really go to the Lord. We should be careful lest we worship humans because of the gifts and power that they possess.  Unfortunately, some men and women of God become so led away by their gifts that they use their authority to abuse other people in many ways. This is the norm with those who are false apostles.

Apostles and other ministers of the gospel should be careful not to use their  power to manipulate others.  This is a sad situation which will end in the destruction of all involved.

Blessings until next time!

N.B The New Living Translation of the Bible gives a clearer explanation of 2 Cor 10 than the King James translation does.