I hope that I am now complete on the issue of Apostles and False Apostles. We have learnt that there are two kinds of  false apostles:

  1. those who preach another Jesus, another gospel and another spirit (the apostles of the cults)  AND
  2. those who preach, cast out devils and do wonders in Jesus’ name, but who are not really doing His will as we discussed.

However, God has many true Apostles and servants who do His will with the right motives and without asking for a penny (unlike the false ones who will “dig out your eye” to get money). 

An examination of the anointing in scriptures may help to explain the concept of the True Anointing. The anointing oil that was used in scriptures possessed several characteristics that are symbolic of the true anointing in a life. It was :

  • fragrant, a sweet smelling savor – Ex 25:6;  31:11
  • Holy – Ex 37: 29. God always purges the life of His servants by personal revelation and by the Word.  The servant of the Lord is not sleazy, but wholesome and pleasant.
  • The anointing oil was also used to purify the tabernacle as well as the vessels and  instruments used in the temple, symbolizing the transfer of the anointing to inanimate objects (Ex 40:9). The anointing in the Lord resided in His clothing and the people learned to touch them to receive healing. They were totally delivered and did not receive any other foul spirits.  Even the very possessions of the true servant of God is blessed.
  • Scriptures teach that the anointing is transferable and that the outcomes are blessings to the recipients as in Isa 61, 58 etc. Here are three examples:
    • Moses was commanded to anoint Aaron and his sons, symbolizing the transfer of the anointing from a person to another for the work of the Lord. Those with a true anointing will transfer ministry gifts to others.
    • God took the spirit that was on Moses and transferred it to 70 elders so that they prophesied (Num 11: 24-25). This was the fruit of the true anointing that was on Moses. What outcomes do people experience under our ministry. Do they come under other bondages or do they experience the power of God?
    • This particular  example will confirm and also further explain the previous one.  Joshua became full of the spirit of wisdom when Moses laid hands on him (Num 27: 23; Deut 34: 9).  The people under any ministry should be increasing in the nature of God as a result of our ministries. The presence of the spirit of wisdom in Joshua meant that he had received a greater degree of the virtues of God (Isa 11: 2).
    • Prophet Elisha’s bones were so full of the anointing that a dead man was resurrected when he touched them. Dead things should come to life under any ministry.
  • An individual possessing the true anointing will be full of the true word of God and spiritual revelation that is balanced (with spiritual compared to spiritual) since one main purpose of the anointing is to teach the believer truth (1 Jn 2: 20, 27).
  • Jesus reveals Himself to the one who diligently seeks Him. The anointing really is the spirit and the essence of Christ/God, for He is Spirit. 
  • I have observed that the anointing in some individuals so affects others that it diffuses into the environments where they are present. People affected become passionate worshippers, their faces fill with joy and there is a greater revelation of the presence, power  and the word of God. This is a mystery and not readily observed  by the undiscerning.  This is a rare gift and such a person possesses what I like to call TRUE RICHES. Such an ability to usher in the presence of God and His angels without preaching a message, laying hands on anyone is a real blessing.

This post is not all exhaustive about the true anointing. Please share your thoughts with me. I encourage you to read Isa 61 to obtain details on the evidences of deliverance as well as other scriptures such as the Psalms. May God bless and fill us with more of His presence.

 Have a great weekend!